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Want to make sure you never miss a deal, freebie, giveaway or Twitter Party? Good decision – I don’t want you to miss out either! With all the crazy changes in Facebook – so many of you have not been seeing my updates and have missed out on some really great things lately :(

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again! Just sign up below to get my once daily email that covers all the deals I post each day. You can also choose to be the first to be notified of giveaways to enter or Twitter Parties to attend (for those of you that love to win win win!).

PS – I hate spam more than I hate those dust bunnies that always magically appear every morning in the corner of my livingroom floor. I don’t have time for it and you don’t have time for it so I promise I WILL NOT SEND IT! Nor will I ever sell your email address or give it away without your permission. I’m selfish. I want you all for myself :)