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Redeem Your Free $30 Uber Credit What is Uber? Uber is your personal, on-demand private driver. Request a ride at any time using the iPhone and Android apps. They'll ensure you arrive safe and on-time to your destination. If you sign up using our link below, Uber will credit your account for $30 off your first ride. THREE Reasons Why We Love Uber: 1. Request from Anywhere at Any Time - Using the iPhone and Android apps, set your pickup location on the map and a private car will be … [Read more...]

Shop the Look Best Travel Outfit: Travelers Like Pockets. Lots of Them

This is me in my happy place - basically anywhere interesting with camera in hand - in my go-to best travel outfit. Traveling with photography gear means being comfortable throughout the day, and needing pockets - pockets everywhere. Layering is key when outdoors all day so I usually wear a black tank top, chambray button up, and then my favorite utility jacket, which is light with lots of pockets (really does looks cute with anything!). Add a fun, two-tone scarf that can double up as … [Read more...]

10 Fun Easter Treat Recipes and DIY Ideas Anyone Can Make!

I couldn't be more ready for spring! Winters are mild down here in Florida compared to what we dealt with while living in Michigan. Even still, when you're used to temperatures hovering around the 80s the few months when temperatures drop and the skies are gray seem to stretch on. While I'm completely ready for spring, I'm thankful Easter is later this year because I'm definitely not prepared for the upcoming class party! Although I'm now one step closer thanks to these fun 10 fun Easter treat … [Read more...]

6 Easy Ways To Save More Money and Free Up Your Budget

Use these 6 easy ways to save money to free up your budget by over $2000 each year. They're small, painless ways to spend less each week and month. Growing our savings account and paying off debt has been my goal for 2018, but we knew we would need to find easy ways to save more money in order to succeed. My husband is in the military and his job provides a fixed monthly income. I'm a freelance wedding and family photographer whose income can vary by hundreds and even thousands each month. … [Read more...]

The Best Jewelry for Travelers

From getting tangled to losing it along the way, jewelry can be a hassle to bring along with you. These pieces are our picks for best jewelry for travel because they are affordable and versatile. Often times, travel is not about convenience or comfort. It's about the experience, the adventure, the spontaneity. This can sometimes mean the journey is exhausting and frustrating, so the last thing a weary traveler wants to do is haul over-packed suitcases on flights, in cabs and from one hotel room … [Read more...]

23 of the Best Couples Costume Ideas for Halloween

Need a some couples costume ideas for a Halloween party? Don't want to go with one of the cheesy plug and socket costumes? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are 20 awesome Couples Costumes Ideas that you can rock this Halloween.   Go as one of the most unlikely couples from Forrest Gump. Get this Forrest getup from Amazon, and go with a flowy hippie dress to pull off the perfect Jenny. Another classic couple’s costume idea comes from the holiday favorite, A … [Read more...]

16 Awesome Halloween Costumes for Pets Plus a Few DIY Treats Too

Are you the kind of pet owner that insists on dressing up your pets for the holidays? Me too! There is something so ridiculously cute about dressing pets up in costumes for Halloween. Check out these awesome halloween costumes for pets along with some delicious DIY Halloween Dog Treats. After all, your fur babies want to celebrate Halloween too!   If you have a big dog, dress him up like the legendary Thor complete with his mighty hammer. How adorable is this pirate … [Read more...]

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Your Choice! 4 Free Small Luggage Tags or 4 Free 8x10 Art Prints! Use code 4FREE at check out. Valid 9/18 Only … [Read more...]

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There are tons of freebies and specials going on at Shutterfly right now. Perfect for getting a jump start on those holiday projects or DIY Christmas Gifts! Get 91 Free Extra Standard Photo Book Pages! Use code FREEPAGES at check out. Valid 9/14-9/19 Get 40% Off Everything! Use code EXTRA40 at check out. Valid 9/14-9/19 New Customers get a Free 8x11 Calendar! Use code FREECALAFF at check out. Valid 8/28-9/30 Get 101 Free 4x4 or 4x6 Prints! Use code AFFPRINTS at check out. Valid … [Read more...]

Vera Bradley: 30% off sale items! One day only!

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Inexpensive Changes to Your Diet That Make a Difference

Wanting to improve your health is a great step towards making some serious changes in your life. Unfortunately, a great number of diets out there can be expensive and, worse, produce lackluster results. Most people end their diets early because the dramatic lifestyle changes required can be difficult to adhere to. This makes sense, as most people need to gradually change their habits in order for the changes to take hold. If you want to get yourself in better shape and eat right, you will do … [Read more...]