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5 Ways Verizon FiOS Helps Me Rock Being a Mom!

You guys may all know me as a frugal findin', coupon clippin', penny pinchin' "mommy" blogger, but I didn't start out this way.  (Who does?)  Thanks to my techie geek of a dad, I actually started out the first 30 years of my life as a computer and new fandangled gadget nerd. Everyone always come to me for questions about how to fix their computer or what camera or phone they should buy or what the best way is to setup their network.  As you can imagine, I insist on the best for all my … [Read more...]

Back Up Precious Files Automatically with Carbonite

Have you ever had your hard drive crash? I have - several times!  There are usually tell-tale signs of when a hard drive might fail, but most people aren't aware of what they are or don't know how to recognize them. Or how about that one time you let a friend use your computer to surf the internet and afterwards you found out you had a virus?  Losing your documents, pictures and music really stinks.  Especially if you're like me and your ENTIRE life is on your computer. You always hear … [Read more...]

Product Review: HTC One Harman Kardon Edition

Being a gadget geek usually means I'll know within just a few minutes of use whether or not I'll like a device and from the moment I opened the box, before I even turned this one on, I knew this phone would fall into the category of something I liked. Aside from the gorgeous screen, here are what I consider to be the 6 Best features of the HTC One Harman Kardon Edition. HTC Advantage FREE one time screen replacement within the first 6 months of ownership. In other words, you get a … [Read more...]

TODAY ONLY: Join the HP Show & Tech and RT to Win $50 Walmart GC!

For the average person, navigating the world of technology, specifically computers, can be mind boggling. There are so many brands offering a myriad of options to suit your technological needs including laptops, desktops, tablets 2-in-1's and more. Then there are accessories! It can be daunting trying to find products to suite your needs. Over the course of my educational career I've owned numerous gadgets and I love playing with the latest tech. Which is probably why family members often ask me … [Read more...]

Move Over Siri, Here Comes Microsoft Cortana

I am as wired to my smartphone as the next person. Whether I’m snapping photos of my daughter, checking out the latest online news, texting my husband or listening to music while jogging around the park – these are all things that I do with my phone. Just the other day I had the opportunity to meet with the Microsoft folks when their Windows bus pulled into Los Angeles. As you may have read earlier on the blog, Windows kicked off their #ReadyWhenYouAre campaign at SXSW last month. The team is … [Read more...]

Zulily Daily Deal: Fun and Functional Tech Accessories

  Zulily Daily Deals: Zulily has some AWESOME steals during todays Tech Accessories! Find deals on: Tablet Cases Charging Cords Smartphone Car Mounts Bluetooth Speakers Armbands Cellphone Cases and MORE … [Read more...]

It’s Not A Typo, it’s the New Sprint Framily Plan

There are over 150 people in my family going back only three generations but unlike many families, we get together on a regular basis. More than that, my first cousins and I were raised like siblings with sleep overs and escaping to our grandparents a part of the normal routine. Then I met my husband, and I learned that best friends can also be like siblings. Not only did they have keys to each others homes, but it was not uncommon for the family to arrive home to find someone already there. … [Read more...]

VTech Coupons: Save $40 on Bundles

As a mom who has always been a huge proponent of technology and children I love shopping at VTech. My daughter loves her VTech 3S and was excited to get new games for Christmas. If Santa wasn't able to bring VTech to your tree you should check out these awesome sales happening now. Offers Expiring 1/6 Save $14 with this InnoTab3 Bundle InnoTab 3S Dora Special Edition with FREE Headphones 3 Game Cartridges for $45 20% off selected Accessories Offers Expiring 1/20 Save up to … [Read more...]

The VZ Navigator App Versus My Current GPS Device

Does anyone watch those Jewelry store commercials with the talking GPS? Like the one where it makes the husband go to the Jewelry to get his wife a necklace? I wish mine would do that! I wish it would actually talk to me in words other than "Left, Right, X Number of Feet" -  not that I would be upset if it led my husband to a diamond store either. In Michigan, we tend to give directions by time and occasionally use miles. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Michiganders get made fun of for it all … [Read more...]

VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop – Pink

*FLASH SALE* VTech - Baby's Learning Laptop - Pink $11.99 This ships free with Amazon Prime or orders of $35 or more. Three modes of play teach shapes, common objects, feelings and music Light-up screen interacts with colorful keyboard Movable mouse sized for little hands Volume control switch for quieter play Ages 6 Mos +   … [Read more...]

Product Review: Vtech Switch & Go Dinos

After watching the movie Jurassic Park many moons ago, I couldn't help but find myself wishing that such a place existed...even if half the cast was missing by the end (if you catch my drift). It’s probably a good thing my wish was never granted, for obvious reasons, but that’s not to say I can’t get my toddler one as a pet! Who needs a puppy when you have Jagger the T-Rex? Especially when it comes in a box that's almost just as fun to play with! We were asked to try out the new … [Read more...]

Product Review: VTech Innotab 2S

It feels like summer has just barely began and already it's flying by. With a trips to Florida, Maine, our family cabin and days at the beach filling up the calendar it won't be long until our school year routine is quickly disrupted.  Even though Maddilyn doesn't start preschool until September we have worked hard (and had a lot of fun in the process) to get her ahead of the game. Each day is filled with fun crafts, coloring, shapes, colors, numbers and other basic skills. I would hate for … [Read more...]