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The VZ Navigator App Versus My Current GPS Device

VZ Navigator 9

Does anyone watch those Jewelry store commercials with the talking GPS? Like the one where it makes the husband go to the Jewelry to get his wife a necklace? I wish mine would do that! I wish it would actually talk to me in words other than "Left, Right, X Number of Feet" -  not that I would be upset if it led my husband to a diamond store either. In Michigan, we tend to give directions by time and occasionally use miles. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Michiganders get made fun of for it all … [Read more...]

Always Get The Best Deals With Your Free RedLaser App #RedLaser

Red Laser

Free RedLaser App After 6 sleepless nights I had enough. My daughter was moving from the crib to the big girl bed. No just any big girl bed - it had to be Dora or Fairies. After the 4th store without finding a single toddler bed (I would have settled on any at this point)  I was resigned to another sleepless night. Then my sleep deprived brain became desperate and started to function and I grabbed my iPhone. Flipping through app folders I found RedLaser. Aha. Mommy's life saver and … [Read more...]

FREE CouponCabin App Eliminated an Entire Folder of Money Saving Apps


When I first got my iPhone I was determined to get the most out of it - I have apps for everything. In fact, I have a whole folder dedicated to money saving apps. Some apps only perform one function, some perform a few but I found 1 app does it all! The CouponCabin App has 6 functions to help save me money on gas, groceries, retail shopping, and restaurants. It also helps me find amazing deal and freebies too. Not only does this app save me tons of money, The CouponCabin App is FREE! The App … [Read more...]

{Review} Apples to Apples on Xbox Arcade Takes Family Game Night Digital

{Review} Apples to Apples on Xbox Arcade Takes Game Night Digital

  Do you ever want to have a game night but don't have enough people to play? Or would you like to play a game with family and friends but they live a thousand miles away? THQ Inc. and Mattel are helping bring families everywhere together for digital game night with Apples to Apples™, the game of hilarious comparisons, on their favorite game consoles. Additional social and mobile applications are set to launch later this winter. My family won't be together this Christmas but we can … [Read more...]

Get Ready to Win with AT&T’s Season of Gifting + $25 AT&T Gift Card #Giveaway (ends 12/20)

att season of gift giving

Since the holidays are racing towards us AT&T wants to get you in the spirit of giving with the AT&T Season of Gifting Sweepstakes that starts on December 1st and runs through the 20th. December 1st may seem a long way off but it's next Thursday, yikes!  AT&T is giving away TWO prizes per day. Prizes include smartphones, tablets and more! Each day a new prize will be featured. Here's how to enter to win Visit AT&T's Season of Gifting between December 1 and December 20, 2011, … [Read more...]

ShopSanity: FREE Way to Organize Your Online Orders & Get Price Alerts

I just ran across a free app that is sooo useful called ShopSanity! If you do ANY amount of online shopping (I do almost ALL mine online) and you find yourself wondering about packages or if you got the best price or not, this will come in really handy for you. This is especially helpful during Christmastime, right? If you use Yahoo Mail or Gmail, you need to try it out.  It's FREE. What does it do? Lists all of your purchases in one location so you can: See when a package will … [Read more...]

VueZone: A Busy Mom’s Best Friend


We all know that moms these days need to be "super moms". We all wish we had eyes in the back of our head. Well there is a pretty awesome new gadget I'd love to share with you - its called the VueZone Personal Video Network. Check in on the kids Assist elderly Make sure the pets are behaving Make sure your home is secure while you are away Share family moments with friends and relatives It's a very small motion activated camera that you can access from almost anywhere - your … [Read more...]

Back Up Precious Files Automatically with Carbonite

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carbonite for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Have you ever had your hard drive crash? I have - several times!  There are usually tell-tale signs of when a hard drive might fail, but most people aren't aware of what they are or don't know how to recognize them. Or how about that one time you let a friend use your computer to surf the internet and afterwards you found out you had a virus?  Losing your documents, pictures and music … [Read more...]

{Review} FirstWords: Spectacular Spelling App/Game for Toddlers! (iPhone/iPod & iPad)

first words deluxe

*update 7/29/11* At 18 months old, Whistler could recognize all upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.  He is 20 months old today and can say all the letters of the alphabet.  I 100% give credit to this iPad app along with Nick Jr.'s A to Z with Moose and Zee!! {Originally posted 4/20/11} The other day I uploaded a video to Facebook showing you how Whistler (at just 16 months old!) was dragging letters across the iPad screen to spell words.  Yep - he was able to pick up this … [Read more...]

{GIVEAWAY} Win an XO Laptop!!! (ends 5/31)

xo laptop

According to the "Kids' Altruism Indicator," (a really interesting study conducted in partnership with Parenting magazine asking parents and kids about giving), 83 percent of kids believe that they can help children in other countries, in addition to people in their own communities.  How cool is that? The “Win & Give” campaign provides as easy way for kids to give back. Kids in the U.S. have an opportunity to instantly win a laptop from specially-marked packages of Betty Crocker Fruit … [Read more...]

5 Ways #VerizonFiOS Helps Me Rock Being a Mom!

verizon fios

You guys may all know me as a frugal findin', coupon clippin', penny pinchin' "mommy" blogger, but I didn't start out this way.  (Who does?)  Thanks to my techie geek of a dad, I actually started out the first 30 years of my life as a computer and new fandangled gadget nerd. Everyone always come to me for questions about how to fix their computer or what camera or phone they should buy or what the best way is to setup their network.  As you can imagine, I insist on the best for all my … [Read more...]

{Review} Similac Baby Journal iPhone App #babyjournal


Becoming parents for the first time can easily be classified as overwhelming. Not only is there a whole new tiny person to take care of (that you aren't exactly sure HOW to), but also so much information that you need to keep track of like when did they last eat, how many diapers have I gone thru today, how much did he weigh last month and how tall is he, how much are they sleeping, when was the last time I brushed my teeth, how many days in a row have I worn this shirt and which boob did we … [Read more...]