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Clearasil PerfectaWash Takes The Guess Work Out of Fighting Acne

I've never had an issue with my skin. Even as a teenager, I was one of the "lucky ones". So when my skin went berzerk after having my son, I just had no idea how to deal with it. Add on top of that that washing my face at night really isn't my favorite thing to do. I'm totally guilty of sleeping in my make up. Although I only wear eye makeup and blush (never foundation), I know this habit is still terrible for my skin. I've tried so many different types and brands - some too harsh, some too … [Read more...]

Oral-B Stages and Winnie the Pooh Viewing Party

You should have seen the looks on my kids' faces when I opened the Party Package from Oral-B and Disney! The Oral-B stages line is our family's  favorite toothbrushes and toothpaste. A few weeks ago we had run out of "kid toothpaste" and my kids have been miserable using our "adult" toothpaste. It's been the cause of many bedtime tears. So opening a box brimming with our favorite toothbrushes and toothpaste PLUS popcorn and a movie was really exciting! Our party package included popcorn, … [Read more...]

Zenni Optical Offers Affordable, Stylish Prescription Eyewear

This post brought to you by Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.     Do you wear eyeglasses? Maybe you keep a pair to use when reading, or you wear them when driving, or you're like me, and are pretty close to blind without your glasses. There have been times when I've misplaced my glasses and have had to get my hubby to join the search (otherwise I'd be looking all day!). The necessity of glasses can have its drawbacks but it can also be a positive.   You can think … [Read more...]

{Review} Eucerin: Calming Creme and Smoothing Essentials Lotion

Your skin is a reflection of your internal health Your skin is a reflection of your internal health which is why Eucerin feels its time to treat skincare more like healthcare. Eucerin is once again the #1 pharmacy recommended brand. Based on data compiled by Pharmacy Times, pharmacists who recommend topical products, recommended Eucerin 41% of the time.  That's twice as often as the second most recommended therapeutic brand! Eucerin's Calming Creme is a rich, non-greasy moisturizer for daily … [Read more...]

Spa Look: 20% off + Free Shipping + Free Full Size Lip Gloss

Get a free full size Prodigieuse Natural Crystal Lip Gloss on orders over $75 at Spa Look!  How often do we get free FULL size product with purchase?! When shopping online, you can save even more by shopping through your favorite cash back site. Get the following amounts cash back on your purchase: Ebates - 6% - 7% Online Discount Promo and Coupon Codes for Save 20% off your total order with code FALL20. Expires 10/31/11 Free shipping on orders over $50. … [Read more...]

{Review & Giveaway} SJ Creations Bath and Body Products (ends 8/16)

Begun in 1996 and based in Leucadia, California, SJ Creations is a small company with a simple mission statement: “provide consistently honest and reliable customer service, offer quality “creations” at affordable prices, and strive for a fun and balanced lifestyle.” Their line of organic body products are 100% paraben free with no sodium lauryl sulfates, as well as free of silicon and petroleum.  The organics line is made with Eco-Cert ingredients without synthetic fragrances or artificial … [Read more...]

Walgreens: SPF50 Sunscreen – Only 2 for $5!

This is a compensated post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine. Living in Southern California, we use sunscreen pretty much year round - especially with a baby. I've been fortunate enough to have olive skin that tans very well and (shame on me), I've never really used anything higher than SPF 6 (rarely SPF 15) my entire life - mostly because the higher levels of SPF always seemed too greasy for me. Now that we have Whistler, of course we have tons of SPF 30 and … [Read more...]

Review & Giveaway: NeoStrata Exuviance Brightening Bionic Eye Creme (5 Winners! ends 12/5)

NeoStrata is a skin care company specializing in developing anti-aging products to help us to target problem areas and look our best. Back in June, I was given the opportunity to choose anything I wanted from their line to try out and review - they are that confident with their products! I've always had issues with dark circles under my eyes so of course, I quickly choose their Exuviance Brightening Bionic Eye Creme. You can purchase it directly from NeoStrata online for $52. While I … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa Holiday Gift Guide} Jill Kirsh Color Giveaway (ends 11/21)

I've never been any good at putting on makeup.  I never really learned how.  What's a highlight?  What's shadowing?  EW, I'm supposed to put that wet, brown stuff all over my face?  No thank you.  I'm a minimalist when it comes to makeup.  I like my eyes to be done up, I'll throw on some blush and maybe brush a light powder over everything to even it out. I've always chosen colors based on what I thought looked good on OTHER people.  It never really occurred to me that perhaps those colors … [Read more...]

Sebastian: Best Hair Day Ever!

Remember how I told you earlier about BzzAgent and how you can test new products and give your feedback and opinions on them?  Well, thanks to BzzAgent, I was recently lucky enough to be able to try out the Sebastian Professional Volupt Collection designed to give life to flat, thin hair (the story of my life!). I've tried so many different volumizing/thickening hair products in the past and they all do the same thing - dry out your hair so that it "looks" thicker but really just feels … [Read more...]

Sizzlin’ Summer Sweeps #Giveaway Day 25: Waterpik Oral Care Bundle $140 RTV (ends 8/15)

This post is part of the Sizzlin' Summer Sweeps - 31 Days of Giveaways for July 2010, brought to you by Crazy Coupon Mommy and Sisterly Savings! Make sure you check out all the other awesome giveaways you can enter! Now that I'm a SAHM, unfortunately, I no longer have health or dental insurance :( As such, I need to make sure I take extra good care of my teeth! I've always used a sonic toothbrush, but stopped last year because I could no longer find brush heads for my old out-dated … [Read more...]

Sizzlin’ Summer Sweeps #giveaway Day 24: Timeless Secret Anti-Aging Skincare Kit

Ah - Motherhood.  With all the joys also comes often tired faces and skin.  At least for me!!  At 34 years old (sh...let's pretend I said 24 :)), I've found myself more and more interested in skin products that help with signs of aging.  If this is you too, then you'll be extra interested in today's awesome giveaway! The new Timeless Secret Anti-Aging Skincare Line, provides easy to use products that help to prevent and treat the aging process. The products focus on hydrating and firming … [Read more...]