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Family Bonding – Cooking Breakfast For Dinner

I credit my love, passion and ability to cook to my grandmother. Almost every recipe I know consist of "a little of this, a dash of that and cook until its ______." There are no exact measurements, no time frame, no labels on a box. This is because the recipes are learned by memory, by making them over and over with my grandmother. My daughter is only 2 but she loves to cook. I know what your thinking the thought of kids in the kitchen brings to mind flour coated tables, chairs, hair, faces … [Read more...]

Danze Sonora Faucet Review & Shower Head Giveaway! (ends 8/5)

I love DIY home improvement. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pro, and it's a lot of work, but there is something so satisifying when you take a step back and say "I did that!" We are in the process of renovating our bathroom top to bottom, but until things get into full swing this summer I have been working on little things that can be done immediately and easily. For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to install my bathroom vanity including the faucet, vanity top, and base. This endeavor has … [Read more...]

Danze Showerhead Review and Sweepstakes (ends 6/30)

We just purchased our first home a little over a year ago and ever since, it has been one renovation after another. Because we spend the least amount of time in the bathroom, it's the last area of the house to be completed. Right now our bathroom is ugly. The floors are still concrete and the wall is a paneling that we painted over. The genius who built the house put a window in my shower..seriously, a window. So my bathroom, in a word, is a hotmess. Bathroom renovations can be expensive and … [Read more...]

{Review} Fun in the Tub with Sesame Street Bath Products

I know some parents have a hard time getting their kids to take baths. Fortunately, this is not a problem in our household. But this doesn't mean bath time shouldn't be fun! The Village Co (the makers Mr. Bubble Bath Products) also carry a variety of Sesame Street branded bath products that combine colors and fun with gentle and safe for sensitive skin. Who doesn't love Elmo, right? My favorite of the products I tried was the Sesame Street Extra Sensitive Bubble Bath. It's not only … [Read more...]

{Giveaway} Spring Into Gear: Bialette Aeternum Collection (ends 3/12)

Hey hey hey - are you guys ready for tonight's Spring Into Gear Review and Giveaway? It's one of my most favorite items I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing and I'm so excited to tell you all about it AND give you the chance to win an item from this amazing collection! We will have 2 winners from this giveaway - one will receive the 10 inch saute pan and one will receive the 12 inch covered deep saute pan. MANDATORY ENTRY Visit and read my Bialette Aeternum Collection review (will … [Read more...]

{Review & Giveaway} Shenzhen Knives: 6″ Ceramic Chef’s Knife (ends 12/20)

I love food and I love to cook. I'd say about 90% of the food we eat in our house is something I've made from scratch. As such, there are 2 items in my kitchen that I always splurge and spend the extra dough for quality on - cookware and knives. A dull or "cheap" knife is probably my #1 pet peeve in the kitchen! I was recently asked to review a Chef's Knife from Shenzhen Ceramic Knives. These ceramic knives are made of an advanced ceramic called zirconia, the second hardest material known to … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} Tassimo T20 Brewbot Review & Giveaway (ends 1/22)

Single cup coffee brewers seem to be all the rage lately, don't they? I'll admit - when I first heard of them, I actually thought they were just plain silly. Now, after having tried a couple, I don't ever want to go back to a regular 10-12 cup maker with filters and coffee grounds and washing out carafes - yucko. My life is all about efficiency and convenience now and these single cup brewers definitely fit that bill! I've had my eye on Tassimo for a while now and was absolutely thrilled … [Read more...]