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Inexpensive Changes to Your Diet That Make a Difference

Wanting to improve your health is a great step towards making some serious changes in your life. Unfortunately, a great number of diets out there can be expensive and, worse, produce lackluster results. Most people end their diets early because the dramatic lifestyle changes required can be difficult to adhere to. This makes sense, as most people need to gradually change their habits in order for the changes to take hold. If you want to get yourself in better shape and eat right, you will do … [Read more...]

Lets Talk Nutrition – Is Your Family Reaching Their RDA ?

These days families are busier than ever. With most parents working full time and the kids school and sports events taking up most evenings and weekends we don't have time for home cooked meals anymore. Lately it seems we have been looking toward beverages to solve our problems. Getting our fruits and vegetables from juices versus the "real thing." Admittedly I don't put much thought into the containers of juice I pull off the shelves. As long it contains the words "100% juice" and "not from … [Read more...]

*Coming Soon* Score a Free Detour Protein Bar Sample

Score a free Detour protein bar sample. Soon to be released, their first batch of free samples. We’ll keep an eye on this and update you when it goes LIVE! From their site: A triple play of delicious ice cream inspired flavors – a rich milk chocolate soft set layer sandwiched between creamy vanilla and sweet strawberry nougat – melt together in a one-of-a-kind taste experience. Rich in branch chain amino acids Recover and rebuild powerful muscle Complete source of protein Thanks, Free … [Read more...]

The New @SlimFast Shake Helps You Shed the Weight!

So, I’m going to be in a wedding next Summer and I'm in need of shedding the baby weight from my 15 month old. I’m not a gym regimen kind of girl and I count chasing my little girl around as cardio. Obviously, I’m in need of a kick-start to begin shedding some pounds! I’ve seen so many advertisements about SlimFast, heard great things from friends, and they’ve been around for so many years…why not try it out?! The 3-2-1 Plan This is a get to the point plan. You can use the Slim Fast … [Read more...]

Looking for a natural way to lose the baby weight?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Delta Labs for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I remember after having Whistler, I *really* wanted to take a thermogenic to help lose pregnancy weight. But since I was breastfeeding, I had to be very careful about what I put into my body.  I knew that caffeine or stimulants were not a good idea, and after some searching, finally gave up because I couldn't find a product that I felt was safe to take. Well, the folks over at … [Read more...]

{Review & Giveaway} EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale (ends 2/16)

So how is everyone doing with those New Year's weight resolution goals?  When I decided to do my Frugal, Fit & Fabulous Reader Fit Challenge, I realized that I would probably need a bathroom scale to track my progress :) I had just thrown away my old one (which I hated because I had to tap a button about 6 times before it was ready for me to step on) and was super happy when EatSmart contacted me about reviewing their EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale. Features: * EatSmart … [Read more...]

{Review & Giveaway} The Carb Lovers Diet: Eat What You Love, Get Slim For Life (ends 2/8)

The key to achieving those New Year's Resolutions and losing weight is not only to get your booty in gear and get active, but also to make sure you are eating healthier! After all, it won't matter if you're spending 5 hours a day in the gym, if you turn around and live on a diet of McDonald's, right? A super easy way that I have adopted to remind myself of my caloric intake and goals is to use CalorieStory. It keeps me in check and reminds me to drink my water :) It's actually kinda fun … [Read more...]

American Cancer Society’s “New Year, Choose You” Giveaway! (ends 2/9)

The American Cancer Society recognizes the fact that the hard part about New Year’s resolutions isn't making them, it's sticking to them! I think we can all relate and agree with that! But did you know that about 50 percent of cancer deaths could be prevented if women maintained a healthy weight through diet and regular exercise, avoided tobacco products and got recommended cancer screenings? To help us out, The American Cancer Society developed Choose You. This program helps women put … [Read more...]

Review & Giveaway: Metroelectro Water (ends 10/7)

Being a busy mom, it's easy to run around like a nut and even though you are making sure your children's every needs are met, your own basic necessities fall by the wayside.   I can't tell you how many times Ben has gotten home from work and I've realized that I hadn't had a single thing to eat or drink that entire day!  Not good!  The average adult should consume about 8 glasses of water a day, and this need can easily be forgotten - no matter who you are. I was recently introduced to a new … [Read more...]

Sizzlin’ Summer Sweeps #Giveaway Day 12: Sportline Women’s Heart Rate Watch $90 (ends 7/26)

This post is part of the Sizzlin' Summer Sweeps - 31 Days of Giveaways for July 2010, brought to you by Crazy Coupon Mommy and Sisterly Savings! Make sure you check out all the other awesome giveaways you can enter! Did you know that your heart rate is the most important indicator of your physical fitness?   It is the most accurate way to measure how hard your body is working (or fitness intensity), as well as your overall fitness level over time.  This is done by measuring your resting … [Read more...]