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2014 Chicago Auto Show Must See Cars

I had the chance to attend the 2014 Chicago Auto Show this year and after spending two days wandering the show room floor and watching the best brands make their yearly debuts, I could see just why the show is so popular for families. So I put together a round-up to share the vehicles I saw that would be of interest to families in particular, either for use in real life and a few just to drool over. Family Guide to the Chicago Auto Show: Concept Cars, Tricked Out Rides and Cars to Make You … [Read more...]

The 2014 Kia Sorento: Designed to Fit Your Family

A huge thanks to Kia for loaning us the 2014 Kia Sorento to use for our family vacation in Orlando. We couldn't have survived without you! Call me Mrs. Grinch, but I hate family vacations. Alright, alright my heart isn't that small but I do hate a lot of what's involved. The packing, carrying 8 pieces of luggage - including a stroller - and a toddler through an airport parking lot. Getting it all checked in, making it through TSA - you see where this is going. Basically it's awful. Finally we … [Read more...]

{Review} 2012 Kia Rio is a Peppy Hatchback

I won't argue that hatchbacks are sexy or even that they're making a come back in the auto market. Instead, I'll tell you why the 2012 Kia Rio EX 5 door's peppy hatchback packs a lot into a small price point. Let's start literally. [singlepic id=19 w=550 float=center] I recently made a solo trip up to Papa & JoJo's house with my 2 year old son. If navigating the airport with all this wasn't enough, I was also slightly concerned that this car wouldn't be "big enough" for us. And … [Read more...]

Find Quality at a Great Price in Hollywood at the Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles

When planning a trip and choosing your home away from home there's a lot to consider like location, comfort, safety and price. On a recent blogger trip for the #BraveCarsLandEvent I stayed (and played) at the Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles/Hollywood. While we were so busy and spent much of our time working away from the hotel, when we were there I was as relaxed as if I were at home. Their location is perfect for any visitor to Los Angeles (trust me I'm a local), regardless of whether your … [Read more...]

Cadillac Ranch Will Forever Be Etched into the Horizon at Cars Land

There are several myths concerning the origins of Caddilac Ranch. One such myth is that an eccentric millionaire from Texas loved his caddys and would buy a new one every few years. But what to do with the old one? Clearly he couldn't just sell it. That would be too logical. Instead, he would bury it nose first on his sprawling ranch. As enlightening as the tale seems to be, it's not entirely true. Granted Cadillac Ranch was created by an eccentric millionaire - it was actually a planned … [Read more...]

Step Into Radiator Springs at Disney California Adventure Cars Land #bravecarslandevent

When I walk through the gates of Disneyland and into Disney California Adventure, I am no longer a 30-something mother of one. I'm a happy, bouncy, 10 year old that can be anything I want to be and do anything I can imagine. I can be a pioneer and blaze a trail through majestic evergreens, rugged mountains and roaring rapids because I am fearless. I can be a diva during the Golden Age of Hollywood and call everyone "Daahhhlllinng." I can even be a fiery red head beneath the crashing waves … [Read more...]

The 2012 Honda CR-V: Who Knew Small Could Be So Big? #hondareview

I'm an SUV girl, full-size please. I've never had any interest in the sub/small/mini SUV vehicles. That is, until I met the all new Honda CR-V EX-L (completely redesigned for 2012)! Now, there's no need to fear change here. It still has all the qualities that has made it the best selling SUV/crossover in America: solid build quality, roomy-feeling interior, good fuel economy (23/31 mpg), power controls, and Honda’s reputation for reliability. While the basics are nice and all, this baby is … [Read more...]

2012 Mazda 5 A Micro-Van with Major ZOOM ZOOM Factors #mazda5review

Why is it that being a Mom and driving a minivan can seem so uncool? Maybe, just maybe, someone should tell the big car companies that Moms can be too school for cool too. We'd love to drive something fun and stylish, but still practical enough to hold all of our gear. It seems Mazda was on a mission to resolve that situation when they created the Mazda 5 micro-van. They're bringing sexy back to the family vehicle. While Car and Driver called it the ultimate Dad van (and it really is - Ben … [Read more...]

{G!VEAWAY} Orlando Vacation for Family of 4 (ends 3/6) #OrlandoGiveaway

It's finally here.  The kick off of The Spring into Gear Giveaway Event (hosted my myself and Midget Momma) featuring 2 weeks of reviews and giveaways! Be sure to check back daily as a new product will be featured and you'll want to be sure to enter yourself to win :) To start off the event we want to announce our extra special, ultra awesome, crazy huge Grand Prize Giveaway that we've worked oh so hard at putting together for you.  We wanted to be able to bring you something that no one else … [Read more...]

{Review} 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid Offers 5 Star Safety and Sexy Styling

The 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid is Kia's first entry in the hybrid category and also the very first electric vehicle I have ever driven. The first thing I noticed when it was dropped off at my house was the styling. From the 17-inch alloy wheels ... to the safety rear view mirror turn signal lights... I was convinced she was the prettiest car on the block :) The interior styling also did not disappoint. Unique to the Hybrid is a special gauge cluster that displays its hybrid power flow … [Read more...]

{Review} 2012 Kia Sorento: A Departure from the Expected

This past Thanksgiving, I had the pleasure of taking the 2012 Kia Sorento EX for a one week test drive. I honestly have not driven or even looked at a new vehicle in 9 years (boy, I feel old!) - but since having Whistler, I almost daily think to myself that my 4 door sedan could use replacing. After having driven the Sorento for a week, I now *know* life would be easier as a "mom" with a vehicle like this.… [Read more...] … [Read more...]