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{Dear Santa} Tassimo T20 Brewbot Review & Giveaway (ends 1/22)

Single cup coffee brewers seem to be all the rage lately, don't they? I'll admit - when I first heard of them, I actually thought they were just plain silly. Now, after having tried a couple, I don't ever want to go back to a regular 10-12 cup maker with filters and coffee grounds and washing out carafes - yucko. My life is all about efficiency and convenience now and these single cup brewers definitely fit that bill! I've had my eye on Tassimo for a while now and was absolutely thrilled … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} BabyBjorn Synergy Baby Carrier Review & Giveaway (ends 1/23)

For a while, I really regretted not having been more diligent in "baby wearing" with Whistler. I had heard so many great things about it and how babies just feel asleep instantly and how soothing and comforting it is for both mom and baby to be snuggled up together. It's not like I didn't try. I did. Really. I have 7 different baby wearing contraptions lying around gathering dust to prove it. I have the crazy long wrap (which is pretty neato, except that its so bulky to carry around, … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} Zuvo Water Filtration System Review & Giveaway (over $500 value!) Ends 1/6

Everyone prefers bottled water to tap. I know I do. Especially since moving into our apartment. This is the first time I've ever *avoided* drinking water straight out of the tap. It's just gross here. Its so bad that a regular tap attachment filter or pitcher type filter just doesn't do the job. The water still tastes "dirty". But do you ever feel guilty about all that plastic that goes along with bottled water? We do our part by buying 1 gallon jugs and refilling them weekly down at … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} Hallmark Recordable Storybook Review & Giveaway (Ends 1/3)

Ok.  Don't laugh, but when I was pregnant and stuck home on bed rest, I got addicted to all sorts of daytime TLC shows.  Of course the ones about birth stories and babies, but also the one called "16 and Pregnant".  I know, you're laughing even though I told you not to, right? Well there was this one episode where the teen kids go to visit the baby they gave up for adoption a year later and one of the gifts they brought their daughter was a Hallmark Recordable Storybook.  These recordable … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} Review & Giveaway (ends 1/2)

I've talked about RedEnvelope a few times now, so you should be pretty familiar with them by now. They are an awesome source for really unique, thoughtful gift ideas and they often have great sales and discount codes to boot! Any time I have a hard time shopping for someone, I always spend some time browsing the site because I know I'll be able to find unique Christmas gifts at RedEnvelope. It's like my go-to gift shop, not just for Christmastime, but year round! Of course, this includes … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} Review & Sunglass Giveaway (ends 12/30)

We are always told to protect our skin when staying out in the sun for long periods of time, but I never seem to hear all that much about protecting our eyes. It's just as important! But I'm as guilty as everyone else out there - I'm really reluctant to buy nice, polarized sunglasses because I lose them so frequently. So I was happy to come across Not only do they have a HUGE selection of sunglasses, but they also carry prescription eye glasses as well as contact lens … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} Inglesina Fast and Zuma Reviews & Giveaway (ends 12/19)

Inglesina.  You guys have heard me talk about this wonderful Italian brand of baby gear products before...remember that crazy awesome giveaway they held last month on their Facebook page?  Well in case you didn't win (just wondering, were any of my readers one of the lucky 11?  You guys had awesome odds if you entered!) here is another chance to get one of Inglesina's Fast Table Chairs. But let's start off with my own experience with two of their products... Inglesina was kind enough to … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} Summer Infant Sure&Secure Gate Review & Giveaway (ends 12/18)

Since Whistler started walking at 10 months old, it's been a challenge to my creativity as to how I can keep him corralled in the "baby safe" portion of the house.  We're preparing to move so we have boxes everywhere - which have been handy to use as blockades.  For a while we had just placed the portable crib between the wall and couch to block access to the kitchen, but that required us jumping over the couch to get in and out. While it's nice for exercise, it's not very practical :) I was … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} Britax B-Ready Stroller Review & Giveaway $499 MSRP! (ends 12/12)

Those smart designers and engineers over at Britax really did come up with a perfect name for their new ingenious in-line stroller - the B-READY. With it's modular design allowing over 14 different configurations, you really will "be ready" for just about anything! Mix and match til your kids are content a variety of combinations of stroller seat, bassinet and infant car seat. This stroller really does grow with you. With one child, you can start with the baby bassinet, then move into … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} Prince Lionheart bébéPOD flex Review & Giveaway (ends 12/11)

I've always been a fan of Prince Lionheart products. They are still a family owned business and it shows in their attention to detail. There are several infant seats on the market that offer support for the pre-sitters and then a booster for older babies - but what is noticeably different about the bebePOD flex is that it has straps that not only secure the seat to a chair (if used booster style), but also a strap that secures baby in the seat. I'm not sure why, but this seems to be a … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} Hallmark Recordable Storybook Review & Giveaway (Ends 12/3)

Give the memorable gift of your voice during storytime with a Hallmark Recordable Storybook this Holiday Season! These books make wonderful personalized gifts for anyone on your list and are priced right at only $29.99! Enter to win your very own Hallmark Recordable Storybook now going on at SisterlySavings! *Comments left here do not count as entries. You need to enter the contest at the link above! … [Read more...]

{Dear Santa} MobiGo Review and Giveaway (Ends 11/26)

Looking for the perfect gift to give your child this year for Christmas? How about giving the gift of learning through fun and interactive play? Then you won't want to miss out on SisterlySavings review and giveaway for the Vtech MobiGo Touch Learning System, a $69.99 value, going on now!! Visit SisterlySavings to enter this giveaway. *Comments left here do not count as entries. You need to enter the contest at the link above! … [Read more...]