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{Holiday Gift Guide} VTech’s Catch Me Kitty Plays Chase with the Kids

My son Hunter turned one in August and received VTech's Catch-Me-Kitty as a birthday gift. And since then Hunter and McKenzie, my 3 year old daughter, have been playing chase with this orange cat. "Catch me if you can"  says the kitty and then the game begins. The kitten begins moving encouraging the kids to chase it. There are sensors on the kitten that detect when the kids are near and the cat responds with sounds or motion. When Hunter is tired of playing chase he likes to push the … [Read more...]

{Holiday Gift Guide} Hallmark Story Buddies

Hallmark has recently introduced its new line of "Story Buddies" available at Hallmark Gold stores.  If you haven't heard of them yet, Story Buddies are cuddly, lovable, plush friends that talk and respond to you when you read their own interactive storybooks. [singlepic id=11 w=375 float=center] Getting them to "wake up" and listen for storytime is pretty easy, just press their ear. (This is Whistler's "job") Then, as you start reading the book that comes with each buddy, they will add … [Read more...]

{Holiday Gift Guide} Hallmark Recordable Storybooks

Last year, I was so happy to share with you the new Hallmark Recordable Storybook series. These are innovative books featuring favorite classic stores that allow you to record your voice reading the story so that when your child turns the pages, it automatically plays each pre-recorded page. (the sensors seem to be light activated). The book comes with real easy to follow instructions on how to record the book. And no worries on if you get nervous or mess up, because you can re-record each … [Read more...]

{2011 Holiday Gift Guide} Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen

My little girl, McKenzie loves cupcakes! Loves them! When I asked her what she wanted to do on her birthday she replied "Well, I think I want to make some cupcakes." I thought her answer was hilarious because at the time we were making her birthday cake together. Have you ever met a child that doesn't love cupcakes? You won't in our house. So we were very excited to receive a Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen to test drive! When the UPS driver delivered our cupcake kitchen my daughter's eyes lit … [Read more...]