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*IT’s BACK!* FREE Diabetic Holiday Recipe Book

Join Diabetic Connect and receive a free Diabetes Holiday Recipe Book.  Diabetic Connect is the largest online Diabetes community and is completely free to join. Last year, I downloaded the recipe book (I am not diabetic, but I love recipes and like healthier options for cooking) and have used several recipes from it since! *LAST YEARS INFO* I am not sure if it is the same this year (please let me know!), but there were 54 pages with more than 70 delicious recipes.  Each recipe has … [Read more...]

{Recipe} Baja Chicken Tacos (made with Perdue Simply Smart)

Is it just me or does all chaos break loose at about 4pm? It's like the kids come home from school, the toddlers start having meltdowns, and I kind of want to hide in a corner and cry until bed time. A little ironic that that is also the time that we need to be our most productive - helping with homework, wiping away tears, and somehow amidst the chaos, prepare dinner. I've learned that while I like to prepare most of my meals from scratch, I must have some simple things on hand that can help … [Read more...]

Perdue Launches New SIMPLY SMART Chicken

With today's consumers focusing not only on how much they eat but also the ingredients in what they eat, Perdue introduced SIMPLY SMART chicken, a convenient frozen food option.  The entire SIMPLY SMART line is made with 100% real, simple and recognizable ingredients that deliver nutrition and great taste. Simple ingredients like sea salt, garlic cloves,  unbleached wheat flour, cracked black pepper and olive oil are used to season the grilled, lightly breaded and roasted chicken products. … [Read more...]

{Weight Watchers Recipe} No-Hassle Layer Dip

I've come up with another recipe for everyone to try!  I thought this would be appropriate since football is starting up soon. When serving four people, this delicious layer dip is only 4 Weight Watchers Plus Points per serving.  Pair it with a baked or multigrain chip for 3-4 Weight Watchers Plus Points per serving and enjoy a guilt-free snack. {Weight Watchers Recipe} No-Hassle Layer Dip #ratingval# from #reviews# reviews Print Prep time: 7 mins Total … [Read more...]

{Weight Watchers Recipe} Healthy and Hearty Scrambled Eggs

Everyone, I am so very happy to introduce to you the lovely Shannon!  She is joining Deals4Dummies as a new writer/contributor to the blog and boy, does she have some great posts coming your way.  Shannon will be bringing a brand new featured topic called "Beauty on a Budget" to the blog and she is also amazing at coming up with her own awesome Weight Watchers diet recipes.  These budget friendly recipes will be available exclusively here on my site - yay!  Please join me in welcoming her, and … [Read more...]