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Get Involved: Nyanya Project Needs Your Help

Mary Martin Niepold, Lecturer in Journalism at Wake Forest University, created The Nyanya Project following her visit to Kenya in the summer of 2007. She'd spent three weeks volunteering in AIDS orphanages and was struck by the burden the grandmothers were facing as they raised these children. When she asked "Who's helping the grandmothers?" She learned the answer - No one, not even the government. She felt like someone needed to help these women and give them the tools to provide for their … [Read more...]

Mom Bloggers For Social Good: I’m a Founding Member! #socialgoodmoms

I am so pleased to announce that I am officially a Founding Member of Mom Bloggers for Social Good. The incredibly brilliant Jennifer James of Mom Bloggers Club began this initiative in an effort to "use our powers for good" - so to speak.  Many will come together to become one to create  a profound resonating voice of a coalition of mothers who care about important issues like maternal health, women and children, and labor rights. I am excited to be a part of this special program and look … [Read more...]