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@Lifetime #7DaysofSex Day 7: The End is just the Beginning!

This has been such a busy week for us – it figures that the week we decided to take on a challenge like this our life decides to get more busy. However, now that we’re at the end we are (in addition to being exhausted) even more convinced that there is no reason we can’t have a better sex life. We just had sex for 7 Days Straight despite having an even busier schedule that normal. Why can’t we double or triple our average? Granted it wasn’t always exciting or even good sex this week - Day 2?  … [Read more...]

@Lifetime #7DaysofSex Night 6: I’m TIRED!

Day 6: Not a Lot To Talk About. I knew there was a reason I was dreading Night 6, we're both worn out from this busy week we have been having. We saw each other for less than an hour until 10:00 pm today and between work and school and getting our sweet pea to sleep it was late until we could crawl into bed. Neither of us were feeling "it" so we decided some full body massages were in order. We used to give them to each other on a weekly basis but somewhere in the shuffle they were lost. Not … [Read more...]

@Lifetime #7DaysofSex Night 5: Make Date Night Effective

We live in a rural area and save for a handful of things to do we have to drive about an hour to find a variety of things to do. That doesn't always work when we're trying to squeeze in a date night amid all the chaos of our lives. So we usually end up just going to the movies and sometimes dinner. I've noticed that after of doing the same date night over and over it becomes part of the routine and stops feeling like a date night. So every now and again we like to mix up. Tonight we chose to go … [Read more...]

@Lifetime #7DaysofSex Night 4: Sometimes You Just Need a Sitter

This challenge is already affecting our relationship. I'm starting to realize that lack of sex is due to the fact that we're not applying mind over matter. We find the excuses that we're too tired, too stressed, too busy, too something to have sex more than once a week and yet we have managed to have sex 4 days in a row despite a 2 year old, a 40hr work week, exams, traveling to see family, a baby shower, a birthday party, blogging, bills, allergies, lack of babysitter and stress! Not only … [Read more...]

@Lifetime #7DaysofSex Morning 3: Someplace Other Than The Bedroom

I am a firm believer that, in terms of sex, whatever goes on behind a couples bedroom door (or bathroom, kitchen, pool, sofa ect) is never wrong as long as both people enjoy it. Thankfully, I married someone with the same thought. I know how that can sound and a lot of people automatically jump to the worse possible sexual acts one can imagine. That is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about being open to new experiences such as various locations, positions, toys, enhancers, lingerie - … [Read more...]

@Lifetime #7DaysofSex Night 2: Welcome to Our Bedroom

With the fiasco of Day 1 I did not get a chance to introduce Jake and I to all of you. Jake and I met at a high school dance our junior year. He was from a school over 2.5 hours away and through chance we met at a homecoming dance and really hit it off. The next year and a half of high school was spent running up our parents phone bills, sending over 5000 text a month and traveling 2.5 hours to each others houses every other weekend. The rest is history. We have now been together for 5 years and … [Read more...]

7 Days of Sex, Night 1: Gone Wrong From The Start

I have known about this challenge for a few days now and it had given me plenty of time to fantasize about all the different ways Jake and I could kick start this challenge. Tonight we were supposed to start off big and my imagination had conjured up some great plans. However, reality and a pint sized 2 year old had other plans. Let me set the scene: fruity exotic candles, my favorite massage oil, a scrap of lace and silk, my handsome husband..that was my fantasy. The real scene was … [Read more...]

Could You and Your Partner Survive 7 Days of Sex?!

Have you seen the Lifetime Commericials yet? Lifetime is challenging couples to 7 days of Sex; a one-week influence challenge inspired by the upcoming premiere of Lifetime’s hot new series, 7 Days of Sex, premiering Thursday, April 26 at 10/9c! I remember the first time my husband and I saw the commercial; we looked at each other in disbelief 7 Days of Sex? We were both thinking the same things – Obviously these people don’t have kids, 40hr work weeks, school, dishes, laundry …the list is … [Read more...]