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The Multiple Personalities of Kevin McKidd in Disney Pixar’s Brave

In Disney Pixar's Brave, the Scottish actor and director Kevin McKidd plays two roles, Lord MacGuffin and his son young MacGuffin. This isn't the first time Kevin, has worn more than one hat on a project. On Grey's Anatomy, Kevin stars as Dr. Owen Hunt, chief of surgery at Seattle Grace and the husband of Christina Yang.  As if that isn't enough, he's also directed three episodes of the medical television drama as well. Born and raised in Elgin, Scotland, Kevin started his acting career as a … [Read more...]

Pixar’s Brave Hits the Bullseye on Every Target

I'm really tired, I think its the jet lag from our trip to Scotland. It was gorgeous, the rolling hills, craggy peaks and lush landscape. I loved the colorful kilts, the lyrical accents, the grand castles and the celtic music! Um, wait, so we didn't get on a plane or need our passports, dang it we weren't really in Scotland just in the theater watching Disney Pixar's Brave! All jiggery pokery aside (nonsense), Pixar did such a phenomenal job with the animation, musical score and actors, I really … [Read more...]

Kelly Macdonald (Merida) is Not Your Typical Princess in Brave

Kelly Macdonald had big shoes to fill when she was cast as Pixar's first female protagonist. But she didn't feel the pressure when she was called and asked to come in and read a few pages of the script. When asked what challenges she faced in taking on the role of Merida, Kelly laughed as she responded, "I didn't really think about it very much." Macdonald got her start in acting at age 19, when a co-worker handed her a flyer for "Trainspotting" auditions which was filmed in her hometown of … [Read more...]

Craig Ferguson Says Not To Wear a Kilt Unless You Mean It

If you're a night owl you probably know Craig Ferguson from The Late Late Show on weeknights at 12:35 AM. Some of you may be more familiar with him for his role as Drew Carey's boss, Nigel, on "The Drew Carey Show."  Your children probably know him best as 'Gobber' in the popular film "How to Train Your Dragon" or as 'Owl' from the movie "Winnie the Pooh". This Friday, you'll hear Ferguson as the voice behind Lord Macintosh in Disney Pixar's Brave! Ferguson was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and … [Read more...]

Check Out This Hilarious New Brave Clip and See It In Theaters Friday!

  One of the reasons I am SO looking forward to BRAVE is that I just know it's going to be funny. This clip just proves the point. Check out this hilarious new “Summer Games” spot from Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE! Don't forget, the release of BRAVE is 2 Days Away! It's in theaters everywhere June 22nd. … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day from Disney/Pixar Brave!

Dads are the best. When Mom isn't around, they think its a great idea to play in the mud, they let you eat pancakes for dinner, and they won't make you take a bath regardless of your new chocolate sauce hair doo. Happy Father's Day to all the "dads" in my life and yours - the world just wouldn't be as much fun or interesting without them! … [Read more...]

Score Free Brave Activity Sheets!

    Can you believe it?! BRAVE is opening next Friday (June 22nd)! Do you have any little Brave fans running around ? Get them to sit still for a moment with these fun activity sheets including mazes, games, cutout play sets and more! Archery Maze Triplets Maze Wisp Maze Make Your Own Banner Coin Toss Brave Cut Outs Brave Cut Outs - Sheet 2 Brave Cut Outs - Sheet 3 Spot The Difference "Like" BRAVE on Facebook! … [Read more...]

Mark Andrews Speaks To Us About Directing Disney•Pixar’s Brave

I'm calling it. Disney•Pixar's Brave is going to be big. I mean HUGE. Bigger than huge. I've only seen 30 minutes of the film and I'm hooked. Beyond the film itself, one of the things that I found truly remarkable about this film is what I saw and even more so, what I felt during my April visit. The passion, pride and just pure artistic talent that every person involved in the making of this film exuded was undeniable. One of the most passionate and easy to speak with masterminds behind Brave … [Read more...]

NEW Disney Pixar Brave Clip: Solve Your Problems with Witch’s Magical Mystery Brew!

Disney/Pixar just released a new clip for Brave! This one is super cute - I just about died laughing!! What did you guys think? Brave opens in theaters everywhere on June 22. You can learn more about Merida's fate on the Brave Facebook page or join the conversation on Twitter @DisneyPixar. If you had the chance to change your fate would you? … [Read more...]

Disney Pixar’s Brave: A Fun Scottish Glossary & How to Do the Highland Scottische Dance

  We have several English friends living here in Houston and sometimes when we're talking to them they'll use an expression that's native to them but leaves us needing a translation. I'll often say "speak English" to which they reply "I am, you mean speak American." Its become a bit of a joke between us but its fun to learn their expressions and it seems we may need Disney Pixar's Brave glossary to understand what's being said in Disney Pixar's Brave when it opens in theaters on June … [Read more...]

Enter for a Chance to Win a #BRAVE Adventure in Scotland!

    Enter for a chance to win a BRAVE adventure in Scotland! Grand prize includes a 9-day/8-night guided vacation through Scotland for four! Other prizes you could win include a $100 Gift Card, a Brave Soundtrack, the Brave The Video Game for the Wii, a film Lithograph from Pixar or an Art of Brave book! … [Read more...]

1 in 5 Kids Win a Free BRAVE Movie Ticket with a Subway Fresh Fit For Kids Meal.

Kids can get a 1 in 5 chance to win a FREE  ticket to see Disney Pixar Brave on June 22nd! Find a code in every Subway Fresh Fit for Kids Meal. In the Subway Kids Brave Instant Win Game, 500,000 prizes will be awarded in the form of a child’s movie ticket (total value $8.50) valid at Hollywood Movie Theaters.   … [Read more...]