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Scott Waugh Makes a Car Lover Out of You with Need For Speed #NFSMovie

I might have mentioned before that I’m kind of an Aaron Paul fan. A really big fan. In fact, when I heard about the release of Need for Speed, it definitely pulled on my Aaron Paul heartstrings. I can’t say that I’m any type of car enthusiast, because cars aren’t really my thing, except when one of my favorite actors is the lead of the movie. So, there I was at the Need for Speed premiere, with my ticket in hand. It was bit surreal for me. As I anticipated, the movie was filled with … [Read more...]

People Like Us Inspires Us to Start Acting Like People Again

How does a writer like Alex Kurtzman, known for movies like Transformers, Cowboys and Aliens and Star Trek manage to write a heartfelt drama about family and relationships? In a word, well. In two words, personal experience. The tale of People Like Us is loosely based on Kurtzman's own family history. Almost eight years ago he met his half-sister and half-brother, children of his father’s from a previous relationship. Unlike the film his half siblings weren’t a secret,but he still described … [Read more...]

Alex Kurtzman Shares a Part of Himself with “People Like Us”

  While you may be familiar with Alex Kurtzman from his action films like Transformers, Cowboys and Aliens and Star Trek, Kurtzman will make his directorial debut in People Like Us. Kurtzman was only 24 years old working as a writer on the TV show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys when he and longtime friend and colleague Robert Orci got their big break after the show's star suffered a stroke. Several years later Kurtzman got his big screen break from DreamWorks when he worked on … [Read more...]

“People Like Us” Highlights Local Hot Spots in Los Angeles

It was important to the Director and Producer of People Like Us to show Los Angeles, the city, from a locals point of view, highlighting restaurants and local hangouts few tourists ever see. Director Alex Kurtzman said,“I’m a native Los Angeleno and my city is not the glitzy, clichéd Los Angeles that I feel like I see on screen in other films I felt strongly about representing the L.A. that was the story of the movie and was one that others had never seen." There's a scene in the film that was … [Read more...]

PEOPLE LIKE US The Movie – Exclusive Clip Debut Just For You!

          Because you guys are so awesome, and I this movie looks so good, I wanted to share an exclusive PEOPLE LIKE US clip! Wowza! There is a little fire in her veins. What do you guys think of the clip? Have you ever been in that position? How did you handle it? From DreamWorks Pictures comes “People Like Us,” a drama/comedy about family, inspired by true events, starring Chris Pine (“Star Trek”) as Sam, a twenty-something, fast-talking … [Read more...]

Check out the newly released “Family Outing” clip from DreamWorks Pictures’ PEOPLE LIKE US!

From DreamWorks Pictures comes “People Like Us,” a drama/comedy about family, inspired by true events, starring Chris Pine (“Star Trek”) as Sam, a twenty-something, fast-talking salesman, whose latest deal collapses on the day he learns that his father has suddenly died. Against his wishes, Sam is called home, where he must put his father's estate in order and reconnect with his estranged family. In the course of fulfilling his father's last wishes, Sam uncovers a startling secret that turns his … [Read more...]

DreamWorks’ Upcoming Movie People Like Us is “INSPIRING”

Bad days are something we're all familiar with in one way or another. Maybe you're running late for work, spill hot coffee on your suit in the car and then rear end the car in front of you. That's not a good way to start the day. In Dreamworks Pictures People Like Us, Sam (Chris Pine) is having a lousy day that gets a whole lot worse before it gets better. In the movie, Sam is a twenty something salesman in the middle of a major deal he really needs to close.  The deal falls through and … [Read more...]

War Horse is a Journey of Epic Proportions

After coming to the conclusion of this movie, I came to the realization that a person does not just watch "War Horse", for a span of time you live it. It makes you laugh and love, it makes you cry and makes you feel. It has all of the elements that take you THAT far. It is not just a movie about war – it’s a movie about family and love and the amazing relationship between human and animal. It’s a movie about commitment, about finding laughter and hope in the darkest hours, and it’s … [Read more...]

War Horse Gallops Onto Blu-ray and Into Homes on April 3

DreamWorks Pictures’ “War Horse,” from Legendary Academy Award®-winning motion picture director/producer Steven Spielberg, epic adventure will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On Demand on April 3, 2012. The critically acclaimed and multi Academy Award®-nominated film is a tale of loyalty, hope and tenacity set in the beautiful countryside of rural England and Europe during the First World War. “War Horse” begins with bond between a horse named Joey and a young man called Albert, who … [Read more...]

DreamWorks Pictures’ Real Steel on Blu-Ray/DVD – What are You Waiting For!?!?

Real Steel is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray - yippeee! You guys have already heard me go on and on and on about how much I loved this movie. For a refresher, feel free to re-read my full review of the movie (and see a nice shot of Hugh Jackman.  Shirtless.) To quote, well, myself: “It made me throw jabs from the edge of my seat!” “A movie for everyone - Kids will think it’s a ‘robot’ movie, Dads will think it’s a ‘guy movie’ and Moms will be convinced it’s a ‘chick flick’” “It’s … [Read more...]

Step Inside the Ring with Real Steel and Disney’s Second Screen App

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered "how'd they do that, it looks real?!" Well Disney has created an app, Disney Second Screen, which takes viewers behind the scenes and gives them a closer look at how the movie is made. The Disney Second Screen App allows your iPad™ or computer to interact with your Blu-ray™ movie. Until now Second Screen has only been available on these Disney films: Bambi, TRON: Legacy, The Lion King, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Today, you can … [Read more...]

Get $5 Off DreamWorks Puss in Boots

Did you love the new DreamWorks Puss in Boots movie? If you pre-order the Two-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy on Amazon right now, you can get $5 off! Use coupon code SOFTPAWS when you check out. Thanks, Family Friendly Frugality … [Read more...]