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Being a Prince with Santino Fontana #DisneyFrozenEvent

Princes Eric, Naveen, Phillip, Florian, and Henry have all swooned leading lady princesses in Disney Animation in a tradition of finding love. Sometimes their desirability made it seem like even Mr. Wonderful would never be good enough in real life, but day dreaming over chiseled jaws still seems all the worthwhile. It's rare that you meet a real life prince, but triple-threat Santino Fontana proves the fairytale still exists. His repertoire includes the role of Tony in the original Broadway … [Read more...]

Voice Acting 101 #DisneyFrozenEvent

Before an animation begins, the cast hits the recording booth with the directors to perform all of the lines. Actors are given the script, and sometimes sketches or rough animation for inspiration, and then deliver their lines to an empty room with a microphone. It doesn't sound quite as glamorous as a red carpet, does it? Once the tracks are selected for the final movie, animators motion the characters to say the words in sync and behave with body language appropriately. I have a background … [Read more...]

Get A Horse! With A Fresh Look on Animation #DisneyFrozenEvent

Lately, half of the anticipation for seeing Disney movies in theaters has been for the bonus feature that pre-rolls before the film. After Walt Disney Animation Studios outdid themselves with lovable Paperman, my expectations were high going in for Frozen. Get A Horse! totally blew me away with an old school Mickey Mouse flair, and what looked to be a simple animation turned out to be a highly involved process spearheaded by director Lauren MacMullan (who is Disney's first ever solo female … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Disney Frozen Products for Holiday Gift Giving #DisneyFrozenEvent

One of the biggest reasons I love holiday shopping is because I have an excuse to buy so many toys and cute things that are normally not in my daily budget. My niece is 3 years old, so you can imagine how much fun I have buying her favorite princess outfits and dolls. Though she's a committed girly girl, that doesn't stop her from also loving skulls, rock 'n roll, dinosaurs, and being messy. Princess Anna in Frozen reminds me so much of my niece, because she's not afraid to be goofy and embraces … [Read more...]

Disney Frozen Review: Must See Family Movie #DisneyFrozenEvent

As I'm sure you've seen me gushing already, Frozen is my new favorite Disney animated movie. I've been holding in as many details as I could (and I'll still try to spare spoilers, but consider this your warning for whatever might get blurted out), but now's the time for me to share them all. I've seen the movie twice, and honestly, I can't wait to see it again now in theaters. I've been telling every man, woman, and child to use whatever excuse necessary to see Frozen, and here's why: Every … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes of Frozen #DisneyFrozenEvent

We all know how movies are made: writers create the script, directors and producers shoot actors performing, editors put it all together, and then we watch it. As it turns out, animation is much more complicated. Considering that Frozen has been in production for two years, a lot of hard work has come from directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. Together with producers Peter Del Vecho and iconic Disney animation producer John Lasseter, Buck and Lee lead the new Disney classic with a team of over … [Read more...]

The Voice of Anna: Kristen Bell #DisneyFrozenEvent

Disney Princesses have a signature voice. Their melodies can bring animals to do chores, and women like Ilene Woods and Jodi Benson have become household names for their iconic work as beloved classic princesses. Since Mandy Moore brought in the revolution of new princesses with her performance in Tangled, the bar has been raised for Disney actresses. After a career of highs as 'Veronica Mars' and 'Sarah Marshall,' actress Kristen Bell returned to her roots of music to join the ranks of Disney … [Read more...]

Walking the Snow Carpet for the World Premiere of Frozen #DisneyFrozenEvent

Living in Los Angeles, it's not out of the ordinary to pass by Hollywood Boulevard covered in road blocks for star studded movie premieres. This time, I walked the carpet for the world premiere of Frozen. Many red carpets have hosted celebrities, but this one was special: it was a snow carpet! That's right, a stunning white carpet lined with real snow. I ignorantly kneeled into a pile of snow and believe me, it was truly icy and completely beautiful. I so swiftly walked the carpet with … [Read more...]

I’m Headed to the #DisneyFrozenEvent – Follow Along For the Next 3 Days!

The buzz around Disney's new animated feature Frozen has been strong with dozens of billboards, plus Demi Lovato singing the centerpiece song, "Let It Go" all over the internet, Disney Channel, and Radio Disney. To say I'm excited, too, would be an understatement. Tangled totally changed Disney films for me, and now I have to subcategorize into so many specifics: animated classics, new animation, Disney Channel Original Movies, and live action. I'm thinking Frozen just may beat out Tangled for … [Read more...]