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Blogger Interest Sign-Up Form: $100 Flash Cash Giveaway

This Flash Giveaway Series has been insanely successful.  Each time it has been run (see here for an example), it gained around 50,000 entries and the majority of mandatory FB entries received up to 1,000 new followers! (of course, your mileage may vary) Not bad for $6, eh? :)

*NOTE* Current waitlist time is about 1 week. This means if you sign up right now and send payment, you will be hearing from me and can expect to be going live sometimes NEXT WEEK. I always run a giveaway on Wednesdays. Sometimes I will add Monday and Friday too if the wait list is long!


Winner will receive choice of $100 CASH (winner’s choice of $100 Amex, $100 Amazon or $100 Cash via Paypal – all via email).

US and Canada readers may enter, 18+!


Runs 5pm-midnight EST (your exact date will be sent to you in detailed email as soon as we have enough signups)


via Rafflecopter
$6 if you want a mandatory FB link (Only accepting 15 MAX!!!)
$4 if you want an optional FB or Twitter link (Only accepting 15 links max – any combination)

You can request any combination of the above – for example:

  • Mandatory FB for $6 only
  • Mandatory FB & Optional Twitter for $10
  • One Optional entry for $4
  • Both Optional entries both for $8

The fees above include a small admin fee as organizing these takes a tremendous amount of time!

I will also include the usual “tweet” and “like” as additional optional entries as well.

What to do if you’re interested in joining:

  1. Please choose what kind of links you’d like and how many (see above)
  2. Fill out the form below
  3. Send your payment to via Paypal. <—- PLEASE copy and paste this.  Too many people are making mistakes (like FOR instead of 4) and I am not getting payment.  This takes way to long to police…so please just do us both a favor and copy/paste this email for payment :)
  4. Add me as a contact so that my emails to you don’t go to spam.  My email is jeanabeena AT gmail DOT com.
  5. In order to help keep me sane – please join this FB group so that I can have one central place to communicate with you all – thank you!!!

Thanks for your interest and here’s to getting a bunch of new fans!!!