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Turn Sniffles Into Giggles With Daniel Tiger on Netflix

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Flu season has been awful this year. It hit our house not once, but twice. It was like Armageddon in this house. Our poor toddler had a cold ontop of it and we wound up at the doctors office. The visit went surprisingly well thanks to a couple episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Visits the Doctor and Daniel Gets a Shot. danieltiger-banner-img SS In Daniel Visits the Doctor, Daniel goes to the doctor for his regular check up. Before his visit, he’s feeling a little uneasy – about one stripe scared, even if he knows he will not need to get a shot. Daniel and Mom Tiger talk, draw and play about some of the things that Dr. Anna will use – a stethoscope, an otoscope, a scale and more. With Tigey and his homemade doctor book in hand, Daniel learns that it also helps to talk with Dr. Anna about what will happen. Daniel Gets a Shot, Mom Tiger explains that shots are a type of medicine that can keep a person from getting sick — they only hurt for a little bit and then it’s over. She encourages Daniel to close his eyes and think of something happy in order to take his mind off his fears. The advice in this episode and the accompanying song really hit a cord with Maddilyn.

Close your eyes and think of something happy Think think think about your favorite things Close your eyes and think of something happy If you think about something great you won’t be as afraid

Our pediatrician got a kick out of the way Maddilyn was telling her not to be afraid instead of the other way around. When it came right down to it the Flu shot was still painful and scary but the build up and after care were much easier! You can watch both episodes on Netflix. These episodes show your kids that even their favorite characters get sick:

  1. Magic School Bus: Inside Ralphie
  2. Sesame Street: The Ten Commandments of Health
  3. The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: The Checkup
  4. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Visits the Doctor
  5. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Gets a Shot

Plus, the whole family can turn sniffles into giggles with these hilarious picks:

  1. Daddy Day Care
  2. Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves
  3. Hoodwinked Too!
  4. Escape from Planet Earth
  5. The Croods [coming to Netflix 1/29!]
  6. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
  7. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3


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  1. My daughter loves Daniel Tiger. She sings the songs all the time

  2. We have just run across this show and our son really enjoys it. Very kid friendly.

  3. Daniel Tiger is adorable. And knowing who created it I have no doubt this show is as awesome as Blue’s Clues was.

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