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The VZ Navigator App Versus My Current GPS Device

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Does anyone watch those Jewelry store commercials with the talking GPS? Like the one where it makes the husband go to the Jewelry to get his wife a necklace? I wish mine would do that! I wish it would actually talk to me in words other than “Left, Right, X Number of Feet” –  not that I would be upset if it led my husband to a diamond store either.

In Michigan, we tend to give directions by time and occasionally use miles. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. Michiganders get made fun of for it all the time. It’s just something we do. So, inevitably I’ll be driving down city streets on my way to the mall and my GPS will tell me my street is in X number of feet. I wind up yelling at my GPS because  there are 3 streets in that radius and I, of course, did NOT turn down the right one. Of course, it’s a one way. Of course, the next decent place to turn around is further than I would like. Then, the voice oh so stinking cheerfully tells me to make a U-Turn at the next possible place. Like I didn’t already plan on doing it. If for some reason I can’t turn around quickly enough I get to hear “recalculating, recalculating, recalculating.” I honestly want to smash it. Okay, end rant.  I really did have a reason for this!

Verizon came up with this genius new app that does everything my GPS can and more. Oh yes, the VZ Navigator app offers lane guidance, alternate route selector, real-time traffice AND natural language voice guidance. It uses traffice lights and number of streets instead of feet. It says it’s for safer driver experience, I say it makes your life easier!

Right now they’re offering a FREE 30-Day Trail for Smartphones so you can try it out!  Plus, if you like it, it’s only $2 a month after the trial expires. Way cheaper than a GPS! I just had to try it.

With the VZ Navigators extremely user friendly interface I was able to start using it right after a quick download.  When heading out you can simply enter the address of your destination.

But if you’re looking for some place to eat in an unfamiliar area or simply don’t know the address to where you’re headed you can use the handy search features. The Find a Place feature give you options like Restaurants, Gas Stations, Shopping and more.

I loved that when I opened up an option like “shopping” it began with the closest shop near and moved outward. That’s nothing special, I know. However, unlike my GPS I could keep expanding the list thereby expanding the area. It wasn’t limited to a certain mile radius.

I love anything that tells me where the closest Gas Station is. I dislike driving 70 MPH down the freeway, trying to see what amenities each exit offers by the road signs.  Not only does it let you know which Gas Stations are near by, it also gives you the Gas Prices! Cha-Ching! 

*Note* The difference I would saved by going to the station with the lowest price versus the highest price was over $2 – the app would have already paid for it’s $2 monthly fee!  

Like I said earlier, the apps goal is to provide a safer driving experience. The natural language voice guidance was superb and it really did work! However, it also offers features like road side assistance, route options and detours.

It will even let you know the weather conditions along your route but I most appreciated that it also has voice recognition capabilities. The quality of the Voice Recognition may differ from phone to phone but I had no problems using it on my iPhone.

All of these features make VZ Navigator better than my GPS but what really separates the men from the boys is the super user friendly interface. On my GPS (which, I should add is only a year old, brand name, and of above average quality) I feel like all actions are one directional. The end goal is to get to a single destination. I can plan stops and detours along the way but all of this needs to be done at one time, before starting out on our journey. If I want to make any changes I have to completely alter my route. That just isn’t the case with VZ Navigator. 

With it’s friendly interface I can easily make a map out a detour for gas, or a local attraction while driving. I have all of the menus available to me on the single navigation page. My GPS requires 3 or 4 pages of menus to navigate all of the features. Which means I can’t  safely make changes on the fly.

For all of it’s qualities there are a few things I would like to see improved. I had a hard time using the Real Time Traffic feature. It repeatedly said “No Traffic Info.” Also, when I was in an area of poor signal reception the map was slow to update. While my GPS isn’t  immune to poor signal reception I felt it was more reliable than my phone. Despite these small rooms for improvement the VZ Navigator app is a safe, smaller, more cost effective option to a GPS and definitely worth it’s $2 price tag. Give it a try for FREE for 30 days and let us know what you think! 

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  1. it says it is $4.99 after the trial.

  2. Wow that really is a nice navigator! I might have to put it on my Christmas wish list!

  3. says:

    In WI I don’t give directions by time or miles but when asked how far to go somewhere I’ll say “: ht drive” lol

  4. MUST get GPS! LOL! Seriously, I get lost going down the street!

  5. This looks like a great app! I need to look into it because I get lost all the time!

  6. I am a big fan of using a GPS. I have one in my car but it needs to be updated. Sometimes I use one of the apps I have on my phone.

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