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How Much Does Your Coffee Cost?

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Being a work at home mom means the tendency to work all through night is sometimes at an unhealthy high. While I’m trying to curb those habits, I can admit that I indulge in a fairly high amount of liquid caffeine each day. The majority of that comes from some manner of coffee beverage. As such, I’m fairly sure I have coffee coursing through my veins. So when Green Mountain asked me to give their new Espresso Roast Iced Latte a try, I was excited. I tend to drink coffee all day long and am often wishing it was cold instead of hot towards the afternoon.

The new Espresso Roast Iced Latte comes in two flavors: Vanilla, which has a sweeter taste and Mocha which provides a rich chocolate flavor. The special blend uses real milk, cream, and 100% Arabica beans. But what I found especially awesome is how convenient it is. Typical coffeehouse iced coffee requires a special brewing processes. I don’t have the time or tools to do that at home. Thankfully, Green Mountain’s new Espresso Roast Iced Latte comes in a 48oz resealable containers to keep in the fridge. When I need my caffeine fix I just shake, pour over ice and enjoy. No expensive coffee shop necessary, and no expensive coffee shop prices either.

When I have a few moments to make myself a special treat, I like to add an “extra shot” of Green Mountain coffee to a glass with ice, fill with Vanilla Iced Latte and top with whipped cream and sprinkles. (hey, I never said it was low in calories!)

 Did You Know?

According to the average price of an espresso-based drink is $2.45. Let’s say you average one drink per day on your way to work that’s $12.25 per week, $637 per year!

Comparatively the suggested retail price of Espresso Roast Iced Latte is $4.99 for a 48 oz. That’s $0.83 per 8oz cup! That’s $4.16 a week, and only $216 per year! The price get even cheaper when you use this Green Mountain $1 off coupon! 

You can pick up Green Mountain’s new Espresso Roast Iced Latte in Mocha or Vanilla at Wal-mart’s nationwide. Don’t forget to print of your $1 off coupon at to save even more on your new iced coffee at home!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Whitewave Foods, makers of Green Mountain Coffee®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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