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Tips & Tricks: The Best Essential Oils for Infants

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Using organic remedies and holistic treatments to help your baby grow into a healthy child is important. As a first time mother, it can be overwhelming to know what all you should do. Deciding on the best essential oils for your infant depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Here are some of the most popular oils and their most common uses.

When purchasing essential oils for your infant, make sure that you choose a high quality brand. Do not choose an incense or potpourri essential oil. These oils are not meant for use as more than a fragrance, and while the fragrance can be calming or invigorating even for infants, the other healing benefits will not be obtained.


Lavender essential oil remains one of the most popular and beneficial choices for any mother hoping to encourage her baby to sleep more. Lavender essential oil promotes relaxation without any side effects. It also encourages healthy circulation. You can scent your baby’s clothes with lavender or even the baby diapers. Some mothers prefer to use it on the crib sheets. Remember to use pure lavender oil. You don’t want other fragrances or perfumes getting mixed in with the oil as these can cause headaches.

Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to the pain and agony of diaper rash, tea tree oil can provide welcome relief. You will want to mix it in with a scent free lotion or even Vaseline. Then gently massage it onto the affected areas. Tea tree oil reduces inflammation and promotes healing while at the same time cutting back on infection. It may not serve as a substitute for Desitin, or other diaper rash creams, for the more extreme cases. However, it can help prevent the rash from getting worse.

If your baby struggles with baby acne, then tea tree oil can be a good choice for application as well. Mix it in with the lotion once more, and apply a thin layer to the affected areas.


The orange essential oil helps to encourage healthy breathing and improve the immune system. Unlike lavender though, it tends to wake infants up. Some mothers put the orange essential oil on the baby’s day clothes and then change the baby’s clothes for naps, according to Baby Center. It can also help serve as a disinfectant. If you want to use it to clean the baby’s toys, then you will want to mix it into warm soapy water with approximately three drops per quart. Make sure to rinse the toys thoroughly. “Key Essential Oil FAQs” states that orange essential oil can also encourage learning and brain development.

Essential oils can help infants sleep better, heal faster, and learn quicker. You will want to use pure essential oils, and be cautious of mixing them with other things. However, pure essential oils do not have side effects when used properly. Lavender is most popular for promoting healthy sleep. Tea tree oil helps to reduce inflammation and heal diaper rash. Orange oil helps develop the immune system and potentially even the brain.

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