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How to Turn Old CDs, DVDs and Video Games Into Cash

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As soon as Valentine’s Day is over, people start talking about spring, and “spring cleaning” (eye roll). No, I don’t want my house to be cluttered, or to start looking like the last frightening episode of “Hoarders.” I’m just saying that when the weather starts to warm up, the sun is out, and the Houston heat isn’t high enough to melt your skin, the last thing I want to do is stay inside and organize our closets. Okay, so honestly, organizing closets is always on the bottom of my “things I want to do list”, and high on the “things that need to get done” list.

So with the temperamental weather here, where one days its 70 something and way too gorgeous to be inside doing anything, and the next cold and rainy, I’m cleaning in stages. First up, I decided to take on the living area, since that’s where we spend most of our family time, and is the area with the most clutter. Isn’t it funny how when you’re really organizing your house, you find stuff you’d totally forgotten about?

Like the tacky knickknack someone gave you at your wedding, or the magazines you stored inside the coffee table (4 years ago), and the stack of CDs, you forgot you still own. Seriously, where did these CDs come from, and why do we have more DVDs than the rental store up the street? After scraping the layer of dust off, the hubby was going to throw them in the dump, but I have plans to turn them into cash at musicMagpie.

Just Because It's Spring, Do I Really Have to Clean?

I’m not planning to get rich by selling the CDs, DVDs, and old video games that were collecting dust, but I do have plans for the money I earn from selling them. I’m thinking a fun night out with the girls, or put it away and use it to pay someone else to clean the rest of the house. Hmmm….decisions, decisions.

What would you use the extra cash for?

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