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Turn Gift Cards In To Cash With Raise Gift Card Marketplace

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Best Christmas Gift Ever? One I got to pick myself!

Best Christmas Gift Ever? One I got to pick myself!

Here is the thing about saying you like something when you really just think its okay -maybe you really don’t like it all – sometimes, it comes back to bite you in the form of a Christmas present.
Let me give you a “for instance.” One day last fall, we were having a big family dinner at my grandparents house. The theme was “breakfast for dinner” and we were having loads of delicious carb and fat laden foots – Bacon, sausage, waffles, cool whip and more. So my grandmother pulls out this large Waffle maker. I’ll admit I said I thought it was neat. But I didn’t really mean neat like “Waffles are my favorite food. I would really like one of those because they’re amazing.” It was more like the only time I had waffles were at restaurants and I’m not really a breakfast person. Apparently I ended up expressing a little too much interest because guess what I opened Christmas morning? Dun, dun, dun….. A waffle maker and even a box of waffle mix.
I couldn’t help but laugh. Even though it would have never made it on my christmas list I was really touched that my grandmother remember an off hand comment I had made and went to the effort to purchase me one. Never the less, the waffle maker still sits in its box – unopened- months later.
I could ask for gift cards but I’ve even had some mishaps with those, including a gift card to a store that wasn’t even in my state. But that’s another story. While gifts are more thoughtful nothing really beats cold hard cash. It’s nice to be able to take that money to get myself the gift I really want and indulge in some shopping.
That’s where Raise comes in to play! is a gift card marketplace where you can sell your gift cards for cash (and even buy discount gift cards). Unlike other gift card marketplaces YOU control the listing price of your gift card. When your gift card sells Raise pays you via PayPal or a big fat check. Even better, Raise.Com offers a 100% money back guarantee. 

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A few notes:
  • Raise accepts merchandise credits, electronic gift cards and physical gift cards from all national brands.
  • E-Cards are free to list and it cost $1 to list a physical card.
  • Cards must be over $20
  • There is a flat 15% commission fee when selling.


I know I’m not the only person who an unused gift card sitting in the bottom of a desk drawer. Clean out your junk drawer and get cash from those unused gift cards! Or maybe you just want to buy a discount gift card. Raise is offering $5 off $75 to new customers with code RAISE75AF(New customers only, cannot be combined with additional coupons. Expires 3/31/13.)

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