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Plastic Bottle Recycling Projects for Kids: Making it Fun

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Recycling is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways we can all help the environment. Sadly, only about 30% of PET plastic bottles get recycled. For recycling to work, we all have to do our part. Unfortunately, not all plastic bottles are made with recycled plastic. It’s Arrowheads goal to continue increasing the use of recycled materials in their bottles, but they need everyone’s help. Currently, there isn’t enough recycled plastic available for Arrowhead to make 100% rPET bottles.


A really easy way to make recycling a part of your family’s routine and get the kids EXCITED about it is to create crafts or do “upcycle” projects. Many of the below can be done with your children and some are examples of “taking it to the next level”. You may not be able to recreate them, but they will serve as amazing inspiration for what is possible if you put your heart into it!

Plastic Bottle Crafts for the Little Guys

Photo Credit Craftberry Bush

“Plastic Flower Wreath” by Artist: Ta-Da! Workshop

Probably one of the coolest crafts I’ve seen for using plastic bottles to impress a little boy, is this rocket jet pack made from 2 liter bottles (source!

“Hand-panted Decorative Butterflies” Artist: TheSeaNymph

Don’t have an aquarium, but your kids are fascinated with the ocean? You could have a ball making an ocean in a bottle craft! (source

And these gorgeous flower earrings are probably NOT a project for you and your toddler – but they are perfect for inspiration aren’t they?

“Hand-sculpted Flower Earrings Artist: ZassDesign

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