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Enter to Win Huggies Wipes & $500 Walmart Gift Cards!

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Enter to Win Huggies Wipes & $50 Walmart Gift Cards sweepstakes! Giveaway will end on 1/01/13 at midnight EST.

Huggies has a new Triple Clean Layer and is gentle on your baby’s skin but thick enough to clean up all the messes! The Triple Clean Layers make the wipe strong enough to handle even the toughest of messes!

10 Winners will all win a pack of Huggies Wipes with Triple Clean Layers. Plus, 4 of those winners will also win a $50 Walmart Gift Card!

How to Enter:

Answer the following: “Tell us a time you wish you had a Huggies Wipe.”

Leave your story/comment in the comment section of this post. Your comment must answer the question above. All others will be deleted.

Giveaway will end on 1/01/13 at midnight EST. 

The winner(s) will then be chosen using and contacted via email. They will have 24 hours to claim their prize. If they fail to do so, a new winner will be drawn. If a secondary winner is selected, it is up to the discretion of the publisher on the amount of time for winner to respond.

Thanks, Mojo Savings.



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  1. I went to visit my week old nephew this week and he is so tiny and perfect! However, while changing his diaper this weekend he peed all over his daddy, and these Huggies wipes would have been a lifesaver.


  2. “Tell us a time you wish you had a Huggies Wipe.”
    Why, constantly! ;o) We currently use a store brand wipe around in at least half of our rooms. Even in our car’s container. :o) But it would be great to have the real and great brnad we’ve gotten, but not in some time.

    Also, I want to make sure that this giveaway is still on! You posted it today, but it says that it ends on 01/1/2013, which would be January 1, 2013, which already passed! I assume you meant March 1st, today. :)

  3. Tracy R says:

    Well, my son was about 3-1/2 years old (potty trained), he had a very high temperature and ear infection, I had just given him some baby hydration juice, and we were getting out of the car to go into the pharmacy to get his script, and he sick all over his car seat, floor, back seat, down his clothes, and in the street, I really wish I had huggies wipes right then and there. The are so fresh and nice, and we still keep them in the car.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    A time I wish I had huggies wipes are when I have been out hiking and need a quick wipe for my face and neck.

  5. I had a child who ate a sucker in town and made a huge sticky mess- I really needed a good buggies wipe to clean up the mess.

  6. Candice says:

    In the car when we have food spills.

  7. Jessica Jones says:

    while my son was eating a chocolate candy in the car in the summer…ew what a mess it was so I actually keep a pack of wipes in the car now lol..and hugges are the BEST!! I’ve tried all brands and love pampers diapers the best and huggies wipes the best..sorry that wasn’t for the post but had to say how awsome they are ;)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. Heather Monahan says:

    The time I had a bright yellow sucker stuck to the back of my jacket and did not know it and had to walk around with it all day. Some nice Huggies Wipes would have given me just enough clean up to get through the day unscathed :(

  9. twelve30 says:

    A time I wish I had a Huggies wipe? I think that could be multiple times a day. I really wish I would have had one in the car when a can of soda that had been shaken sprayed all over the car & everyone in it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  10. April Wyatt says:

    I was at the park with my then 2 year old. He came down the slide and landed mouth first in the wood chips and mulch. :( I had to find a water fountain and splash water on his face to get all the gunk off of him.

  11. when my son eat at ihop and got strawberry syrup all over his face i forgot the wipes and wish i had a huggies wipe about then

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