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Get a Summer Garden of your Dreams!

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Get a Summer garden of your dreams! Whether your a first timer or an experienced gardener, this blog is for you.

A few easy steps to get a starter garden up and growing.

  • Find a suitable area in your yard. This spot will get the ideal amount of sun needed for your greens to grow. You can find that information on the back of your seed packs or on the insert from the sprouts you can purchase at nurseries. The garden area should also be big enough to fit what you intend to grow. For example, tomato plants should be planted about two feet apart. Don’t make the mistake of over planting, though the garden will be all right at first, it will soon be a plant war zone as all the roots and leaves compete for resources. Better to chose and plant only what fits in the space.
  • Once you find your spot, it is time to weed out any unwanted shrubbery and turn your soil. Depending on the soil type, this is easily done with a shovel. Start at one side and dig shovel-length deep, turning the soil as you go. The soil should be loose and crumbly, this makes it easy for your seedlings to take root.
  • At this point you can test your soil. There are soil testing kits sold at most places that carry gardening supplies. The information from the tests will indicate whether or not you need to add nutrients to the soil so that it will be ready to grow your delicious lettuce patch or beanstalks or broccoli! If you do not want to get dead serious with water droppers and test tubes, you can simply add compost or planting soil to the ground to be safe. I like to do a layer of new planting soil and leave it to settle for a week or so. Then I go back and work the planting soil into the ground with the same technique used to turn the soil.
  • Once the last frost has occurred, it is a safe time to plant! If you have a decent garden budget, you can purchase your sprouts from any local nursery. If you are on a budget, I suggest sticking to the seed packets. Seeds can be started in a nursery tray indoors and plants can be transplanted when it is warm enough outdoors or you can wait until it gets a little warmer and start your seeds outside in nursery trays. Some seeds can also be scattered directly into the garden. Choose whichever method is best for you.

Now it’s time to just add water and soon you will see your garden grow before your eyes. True, you may run into a garden pest or other such issues along the way, but as long as you are attentive to your garden’s needs, you will find that it is only a matter of time before you are enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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