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Best Buy Wants to Pay YOU to Recycle

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Best Buy Wants to Pay YOU to Recycle

A new year, means out with the old and in with the new! Do you start the new year by de-cluttering and getting organized or do you wait until spring? Best Buy and Geek Squad is giving you a good reason to clear out your old electronics, video games, mobile phones and more, by offering a minimum $5 Best Buy gift card! Show me the money!

So, that means that old cell phone that’s just sitting in the drawer or the camcorder that’s collecting dust (ours hasn’t been used in three years) can be exchanged for a Best Buy gift card worth at least $5. You can even check online to find the trade-in value of your old MP3 player, video games, laptop, etc. In order to maximize the value, make sure to take in all the parts and accessories. Best Buy’s Trade-in program runs now through January 19, 2013.

In less than ten minutes, I found a Sony camcorder, point and shoot camera, six video games, an MP3 player, cell phone, and a GPS that we can trade in. Can you say jackpot? Now, I just need to sneak them out of the house, past my hubby that likes to keep everything, and take them to our local Best Buy. The biggest challenge, deciding what to spend my Best Buy gift card on: speakers for the PC, new video games, movies, or save them to use towards a new appliance?

Also, if you have old electronics you need to recycle, you can bring those to Best Buy too. Best Buy offers the most comprehensive electronics Recycling Program and its FREE! They have pledged to recycle one billion pounds of consumer electronics and appliances by the end of 2014. For every minute a Best Buy store is open, an average 387 pounds of electronics are recycled. They’ll recycle any brand, regardless of age, bought anywhere safely.

We definitely have some ancient electronics that need to be recycled. Anyone want to come over and help me load the car?


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  1. I just went to their because they have a value to every product. MOST OF THE OLDER PRODUCTS HAVE A 0.00 VALUE! Also, if it is non-working they will give you 0.00 value. Just make sure you look up the product before going in because you might get frustrated turning in a ton of electronics that have a 0.00 value. I personally had an older model Compaq Presario computer and working or not it would be a 0.00 value. Not really worth my time to turn in.

  2. Do they have a limit on how much you can take in or how much they will pay? I have friends and family that offered me their old stuff :)

  3. If you are a Costco member, they refill printer ink cartridges for just $7.99-$9.99. This is a HUGE savings and I am happy with the quality and how long they last!

  4. I wish they would recycle old ink cartrages

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