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Finding Nemo 3D Has Me Hook, Line and Sinker

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I don’t pay to watch movies in 3D. Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I very, very rarely pay to see a movie in 3D. So often I find that they just aren’t worth it but there are a select few I will pay to watch in 3D, sometimes more than once. As I began compiling the list in my head I realized they were all Disney or Pixar films! I promise it’s a complete coincidence. I watched Marvel the Avengers 3 times in theaters, in 3D. Alice in Wonderland was the first 3D movie my husband saw and I was with him. Then there was the newly remastered Finding Nemo 3D. I watched that in theaters twice. Then we got the DVD and how I wished I had a 3D tv. Alas, the Blu Ray version would have to suffice, but don’t get me wrong it’s spectacular.

If there is a place in this world that deserves 3D it’s the ocean.  Finding Nemo 3D turned the ocean into a magical, beautiful place. The textures of the sea floor, undulating seaweed, the ever silent soft and hard corals, and schools of colorful, exotic fish turned the sea into a fantasia. Finding Nemo was made for 3D.

If you’re seeing Finding Nemo for the first time you missed a movie that took the world by storm during it’s first release. No one could help but fall in love with it’s quiet humor, it’s premise of love and devotion to your children. The idea that you can overcome anything with the right friends and a little determination. Like every great family classic, like every Disney Classic, “Finding Nemo” was for everyone and it still is.

Finding Nemo 3D is the story of  a father and son clownfish. Once you see the unfortunate events surrounding Nemo’s birth you will quickly identify with Marlin – a loving but neurotic and overprotective father. Nemo, like many kids is a young fish who wants to see the world, experience new things and make friends. You can see the resentment radiating from him when his fathers overprotective nature interferes. Then, the unthinkable happens. Marlin and Nemo are become separated.

What ensues is a long, determined road as they find their way back to each other. It’s along the Journey that we see the Ocean is not just a beautiful fantasia. It’s can be scary, heartless but it can also hold joy and love in even the darkest of places.  We meet new friends like Dory, a group of sharks whose motto is “Fish are friends, not food” and some lovable sea turtles. One of whom I had the opportunity to speak with, see here.

If it weren’t for the humor of Actors and Actresses like Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, Willem Dafoe, Brad Garrett or the direction of Andrew Stanton this movie could have easily been a gloomy, albeit beautiful experience. Thankfully you won’t have to worry about that.

What  makes this movie a classic is it’s themes. We aren’t talking about feelings that are felt only by the children. Adults, children and every age in between understand love, loyalty, compassion, fear, family and determination.  What makes Finding Nemo 3D a must see in all of it’s new digital mastery is the way 3D transforms it’s stunning underwater scenery. A fish could troll the 7 seas, and all of my Michigan’s great lakes and not find something as stunning.

You can own it on DVD and Blu-Ray now!

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