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Family Bonding – Cooking Breakfast For Dinner

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I credit my love, passion and ability to cook to my grandmother. Almost every recipe I know consist of “a little of this, a dash of that and cook until its ______.” There are no exact measurements, no time frame, no labels on a box. This is because the recipes are learned by memory, by making them over and over with my grandmother.

My daughter is only 2 but she loves to cook. I know what your thinking the thought of kids in the kitchen brings to mind flour coated tables, chairs, hair, faces and other places you’ll discover at bath time. I won’t fool you, you will probably have to let the idea of a neat and tidy kitchen go  but the rewards are well worth the effort.  Children who cook with and eat fresh ingredients early on have been shown to eat healthy, balanced meals as adults. Plus, the combination of eating healthy, balanced cooking and good old fashioned sit down family meals reduces risk of childhood and long term obesity and diabetes. Last but not least cooking together is cheap family fun, inspires creativity, and fosters long term bonding.

We started Maddilyn with cookies, then scrambled eggs, home made chicken strips and now we are making omelets. I have never been an omelet person, I don’t like egg yolks and so I have never been fond of them the handful of times I have tried. That all changed when we got our Joie Shop omelet maker and a handful of adorable accessories. We made Omelets our way and guess what?! Not only did we love them but we had a blast with relatively little mess!

The cow timer, whisk, vegetable scrubber, grater, measuring cup and omelet pan are all Joie Shop products. I love that they make cooking fun and exciting for kids.

Preparation is key. Before Maddilyn started helping we prepared all of our ingredients. Not only did it save on the mess, but it allowed her to help with every step of the process once we began.


She actually learned how to crack an egg and can now do it like a pro – without any shells in our pan!

She loved her special egg whisk. The handle is just right for kids hands and it’s now her go to kitchen utensil for everything.

Ta-Da! The perfect omelet, just add cheese. She was so proud! Plus, she was so excited to be eating something she made – she ate the whole thing! *A great tip for picky eaters!*

Thanks, Joie Shop for providing us products for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine, all mine! 

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About Ashley

Ashley is mommy to an amazing princess, Maddilyn. She enjoys cooking, DIY projects, horse back riding, and taking her daughter to the beach, park and children's museum!

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