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Join FreeFly’s and Get FREE Samples of Name-Brand Products!

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Cheap is good, but free is better! If you’re always wondering how we are all getting so many freebies in our mailboxes every week, one of the ways is signing up with Freeflys. I always love getting presents in my mailbox! :)

While I do my best to post about Free Samples as much as I can, there are soooo many out there that I’m bound to miss quite a few. They update their site daily with freebies you can request online.

*Tip: Be sure to sign up for their daily email newsletter – I find its much easier to browse thru the deals this way rather than on their site as the site is a little time consuming.

When you sign up for the first time, they will present you with a BUNCH of offers. Just click no on all of them until you’re in. I know this seems a bit spammy but as long as you click no, you’re fine and I promise you this is a legit site. The free samples they find and list for you is totally worth your time to check that little no box a few times :)

Tip: On the full page offers DO NOT click on the link at the top that says “when you are done with your offer, click here” – unless you want to of course. To say no to these offers you need to scroll down to the very bottom and click the button that says “not interested”. Once you are in, you’ll never have to go thru that again and you’ll be able to view the freebie links directly.

You can always check out my Freebies category here too to see what I’ve posted lately about scoring a free goodie or two!

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