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@Lifetime #7DaysofSex Night 5: Make Date Night Effective

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We live in a rural area and save for a handful of things to do we have to drive about an hour to find a variety of things to do. That doesn’t always work when we’re trying to squeeze in a date night amid all the chaos of our lives. So we usually end up just going to the movies and sometimes dinner. I’ve noticed that after of doing the same date night over and over it becomes part of the routine and stops feeling like a date night. So every now and again we like to mix up. Tonight we chose to go out to dinner and bowling.

7 Days of Sex
On Day 4 we were supposed to go on a date night but with scheduling conflicts we had to move it to Day 5. I was supposed to invite Jake out on a date via a sexy text. Well I was drawing a blanket so I asked Deals4Dummies Facebook fans to help me out! I got some really great responses so I took all of your advice and put together an invitation. Jake was dropping my daughter at the sitters and sent me an adorable text back. When he arrived back home, he had his charm turned on 100%! He surprised me with a Pepsi and told me I looked beautiful. He opened all the doors for me the rest of the night and even helped me with my coat. I was on a date with Mr. Chivalry himself! After dinner and some light shopping, we were off to bowling. It was so great to be able to talk and have fun; to spend quality time together. We were really able to reconnect emotionally, romantically and physically tonight.

This playfulness was not lost when we arrived home. Jake took the lead and bowling was not the only new thing we tried that night. ;) Plus, I was finally able to fulfill my fantasy from Day 1 too! My room was filled with fruity scents and soft candle light and I had the sexiest man waiting for  me.

Day 5 was by far the best yet but I’ll be honest, Day 6 is going to be hard. We’re both starting to feel a worn out and we will only be home at the same time for a few hours. Jake works until 4 and I leave for class by 5. Then I’m gone until 11pm so he is going to have to wait up! Day 7 is our vow renewal and I’m already starting to think about what I want to say.

If you were to renew your vows what is 1 thing you would add that has nothing to do with the original vows but is important in your life today?

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Ashley is mommy to an amazing princess, Maddilyn. She enjoys cooking, DIY projects, horse back riding, and taking her daughter to the beach, park and children's museum!

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