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@Lifetime #7DaysofSex Night 4: Sometimes You Just Need a Sitter

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This challenge is already affecting our relationship. I’m starting to realize that lack of sex is due to the fact that we’re not applying mind over matter. We find the excuses that we’re too tired, too stressed, too busy, too something to have sex more than once a week and yet we have managed to have sex 4 days in a row despite a 2 year old, a 40hr work week, exams, traveling to see family, a baby shower, a birthday party, blogging, bills, allergies, lack of babysitter and stress!

Not only are we having sex every night we are enjoying it! Granted at times we think “Oh man…are we going to be able to pull this off tonight?” Yet we find a way. We try something new, we introduce an enhancer, we find a sitter, we get creative with a shower and after it’s all said and done we enjoyed it.

I’m beginning to think it really is OUR fault we don’t have the sex life we want. If we have managed to find a way to have sex 4, going on 5 days in a row why can’t we manage to have sex at least 2 or 3 times a week? What we need to do is put forth the effort; to say that putting more romance in our life is worth it! Now I don’t believe in “scheduling” sex but I am all for clearing space in our schedule so that sex is allowed to happen if we want. I don’t have a plan of action yet but I’ll be sure to let you know what it is by day 7!

Night 4, Sunday: Sometimes We Just Need a Sitter
Baby sitters can be expensive, I get it, but you know whats more expensive? Divorce. Being the deal savy divas we are, I’m sure we can find ways to save on babysitting. Get with your girlfriends, I know a few of mine don’t have the sex life they desire. Why not take turns giving each other the night off? Thankfully, my child has aunts, uncles and grandparents nearby who bicker to take her. :) So we took advantage of it and called up her Nana and Papa, so off she went. Then I promptly locked my doors and drew my shades. No visitors allowed this time.

Tonight was couples night. We were supposed to have a date night but due to scheduling conflicts that had to wait until day 5.  Alone time and quiet is a rarity in our house so we spent a little time just watching tv together and cuddling – without a child in between. However, as most times do when the conditions are right, we moved things into the bedroom where we took our own advice from Day 3. We took the time to play and kiss and relearn each other. FINALLY, we were getting some where – after the fiasco of the first 2 nights, we had 2 days of success and it’s awesome.

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Ashley is mommy to an amazing princess, Maddilyn. She enjoys cooking, DIY projects, horse back riding, and taking her daughter to the beach, park and children's museum!

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