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Could You and Your Partner Survive 7 Days of Sex?!

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Have you seen the Lifetime Commericials yet? Lifetime is challenging couples to 7 days of Sex; a one-week influence challenge inspired by the upcoming premiere of Lifetime’s hot new series, 7 Days of Sex, premiering Thursday, April 26 at 10/9c!

I remember the first time my husband and I saw the commercial; we looked at each other in disbelief 7 Days of Sex? We were both thinking the same things – Obviously these people don’t have kids, 40hr work weeks, school, dishes, laundry …the list is endless. The shocking thing was we were so wrong! After watching the commercial we realized they were people just like us. They had all the same problems, lifestyles,  day to day task and they were still going to manage to have 7 CONSECUTIVE Days of Sex. I couldn’t believe it was possible. You can imagine my shock when I was offered the opportunity to take the challenge!

The kids, the bills, working late hours…in relationships it’s the little things that can lead to big problems. Each week this all new reality series follows two new couples whose marriages’ are at a cross-roads and have agreed to a do-it-yourself marriage fix. Sex…we think of it as naughty, racy and fun, but maybe it’s more than that — maybe it’s actually good for you!
After 7 days you won’t believe what couples discover about themselves underneath the sheets. When the going gets tough, could your marriage/relationship survive…7 Days of Sex?

7 Days of Sex premieres TONIGHT (4/26) at 10/9c! 


Lifetime challenged my husband and I, to follow the format of the show, and complete the 7 Days of Sex Challenge, by having sex for seven days in a row, and chronicling how it benefits/impacts our relationship.

7 Days of Sex:

  • Day 1: Anything Goes
    We use whatever we want out of the (provided) survival kit to reignite the flame.
  • Day 2: He’s On Top
    Jake takes the lead on lighting the spark today. We use whatever he wants in the kit.
  • Day 3: She’s On Top
    What do I think he wants? It’s my turn to make sparks fly today.
  • Day 4: Hump Day
    Get out of the house! We ask our friends what they think of the experiment and decide together where our “getaway for the day” will be. Then I’ll invite Jake  to go with me via a “sexy text”.
  • Day 5: Jake’s Last Chance
    Based on what he learned from Day 2, he tries again! What changes will he make? I’ll let you know how it goes!
  • Day 6: Ashley’s Last Chance
    Based on what I learned from Day 3, I give it another go! What will I do differently? Am I better or worse?
  • Day 7: The Climax
    Take time today to re-write our vows. At the end of the day we read them to each other in our own private “Vow Renewal” ceremony.


Guess what lucky readers?! YOU get to see how we do! Each day I will be posting about how it went, what we learned about each other and ourselves and how it’s affecting our marriage!

Do you think you and your partner have what it takes to take the 7 Days of Sex Challenge? I’ll be honest Jake and I are a little nervous but we’re going to rock this challenge and we can’t wait to see how this affects our marriage. Why not try along with us?! You have the format; follow along and leave your comments letting us know how it goes!

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Ashley is mommy to an amazing princess, Maddilyn. She enjoys cooking, DIY projects, horse back riding, and taking her daughter to the beach, park and children's museum!


  1. OMG a peek into your bedroom? LOL Sounds like a fun challenge. Good luck Ashley!

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