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How to Make Mickey Mouse Easter Eggs!

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Don’t be intimidated by this eggrific Mickey Mouse, the template provided makes it super easy! Plus, its an adorable alternative (or addition) to dyeing Easter eggs!

You’ll need:

  • Hardboiled white egg (or wooden egg), painted black
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard tissue tube (1 1/2 inches or so in diameter)
  • Black craft paint and paintbrush
  • Strip of red craft paper (1 1/2 – by 5-inches)
  • 2 small white buttons (about 3/8 inch in diameter)
  • Glue dots
  • Template for Mickey Mouse Easter Egg
  • Cardstock, black and white


  1. Cut a 2-inch section from the cardboard tissue tube, paint it black, and let it to dry.
    Note: Another option is to make your own tube by rolling up and stapling a strip of black cardstock.
  2. For Mickey’s shorts, wrap the red craft paper around the bottom of the tube and glue the ends together to hold them in place. Glue the white buttons to the front of the shorts.
  3. Place the painted egg atop the tube, with the narrower end down. Then print the template on a sheet of white cardstock.
  4.  Cut out the Mickey face and use glue dots to stick the upper portion to the front of the egg, but allow the chin to extend slightly over the outer tube.
  5. For the finishing touch, use the ear template piece to cut out a pair of Mickey ears from black cardstock. Fold the ear tabs and glue them to the top of the egg so that the ears stand upright.

Thanks, Disney Family!

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