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MyPoints: One of the Best Ways to Earn Rewards & Gift Cards

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I often blog about ways to earn extra cash from home and MyPoints is probably the very first one I ever joined. I have been a member of MyPoints for about 7 years now and absolutely love it. It’s a great way to earn gift cards fairly quickly for doing stuff you do anyway online.
Basically you sign up and fill out a short questionnaire. Then they begin sending you ads/deals to your email about a couple times a week. Now, while many of the deals are pretty good and worth taking a look at, all you actually need to do is click one button on the email showing that you read it to receive 5 points (usually). That’s it!

But if you really want to rack up the points, simply log in to your account and be rewarded for shopping online. They are linked up to almost all the major names so I always earn points whenever I shop.

My favorite is Lancome. I double up my value by waiting for Mypoints to send me the latest Lancome Free Gift w Purchase code. That email not only gives you a code for the GWP, but also usually offers a bonus of up to 2000 points for making a purchase. I use this link the make my foundation purchase, enter the code and come away with my makeup, the free gifts from the code, 2 more free gifts that Lancome allows you to choose plus about 2500 points in my account at Mypoints.

I use my points to get $25 Target giftcards. I usually earn one of these every 2 months or so. And they ship these really fast – I can count on it being in the mailbox within about 10 days.

They also send out short market research surveys that earn you about 50 points each about once every 1-2 weeks. You can also earn points by playing MyPoints branded online games or printing coupons.

So head on over and sign-up here. Its totally free and a super easy no-brainer way to earn rewards for simply checking your email or shopping online.

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  1. Bobi Jo Jostes says:

    I too have been a member for 6 years and I LOVE IT! I try to get my husband to sign up too…it is free money but he has yet to do it. I might create like 10 e-mail accounts to get mypoint e-mails….hhhmmm.

  2. I agree! I have been a member for years. You can get more bang for your bucks if you use a credit card that also provides points – and they always have specials for free shipping or double point offers. A great way to stock up on gift cards for the holidays!

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