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Zenni Optical Offers Affordable, Stylish Prescription Eyewear

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This post brought to you by Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.



Do you wear eyeglasses? Maybe you keep a pair to use when reading, or you wear them when driving, or you’re like me, and are pretty close to blind without your glasses. There have been times when I’ve misplaced my glasses and have had to get my hubby to join the search (otherwise I’d be looking all day!).

The necessity of glasses can have its drawbacks but it can also be a positive.   You can think of them as an accessory and wear different frames for different seasons, occasions and with different outfits. Well, that is if you can afford more than one pair of glasses. Personally, at the moment I only own 1 pair and don’t even have a back-up in case one of the kids breaks them. This is something I need to quickly resolve (considering the idea of being nearly blind and in charge of 2 kids is a little scary!).

Zenni Optical Offers Affordable, Stylish Prescription Eyewear

Now that I’ve discovered Zenni Optical and their low cost frames, I’m thinking of adding a few extra pairs.  This will allow me to have a back-up and also give me some freedom to create another look. Zenni realizes that eyeglasses are a personal fashion and style item, and they strive to provide a fashionable and stylish product.

They have a HUGE selection of frames – starting as low as $6.95 and going up to $45.95. Zenni Optical can provide affordable eyewear by eliminating the middleman, retail overhead, and operating on almost no advertising. They really rely on word of mouth from satisfied customers. They don’t sell expensive (or even inexpensive) brand names, but only their very own manufactured brand – ZENNI.

I bought my last pair of glasses about 2 years ago. The frames were over $300 and the lenses were around $100.  Of that that was before they added all the bells and whistles and my bill kept getting higher and higher. With Zenni Optical, many of those bells and whistles are included on ALL the glasses they sell – even the $6.95 frames.  I’m talking FREE anti-scratch coating, full UV protection, protective case and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Most orders are delivered in 7-14 days and shipping is only $4.95 for your entire order!

With the current economy, buying a spare pair or even replacing my current set of glasses just isn’t a financially feasible option. We are a family of four on a single income and every penny counts. But knowing I can buy quality, stylish glasses and get two pairs for a fraction of what mine originally cost 2 years ago is great! Saving money on glasses means I have more money for the holidays, family vacation or even just a rare date night with the hubby.  It’s nice to find a place that sells “cheap eyeglasses“, and have the “cheap” part be referring to the price, not the quality!

A really cool and fun feature of the website is that you can try on any frame “virtually”.  They have a few standard models you can use to see what the frames would look like on a face.  If you want to see how they would look on YOU – that’s super easy too.  Just upload your mugshot and try away!  You can even share it on Facebook to get feedback from friends and family. That’s an awesome feature! The last time I bought glasses, I drug my best friend to several stores and made her give me feedback before making my purchase.

Zenni Optical Offers Affordable, Stylish Prescription Eyewear I really liked this pair and think they would work great as a spare and maybe also for more dressy occasions. What do you guys think?

With over 3,000 styles to choose from its hard to narrow it down. Check out their affordable prescription frames at or check them out on Facebook.

And please let me know if you find the perfect style for me, I’d love some feedback!

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