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{Thanksgiving Craft} Thanksgiving Countdown Tree

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Thanksgiving Countdown Tree

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On Halloween morning I was out grabbing a few last minute supplies for the big night (green face paint, hot chocolate, etc.) and I was amazed that the store already had up aisles and aisles of Christmas items. Doesn’t the Christmas prep seem to come earlier and earlier each year? In the rush to get prepared and celebrate perhaps the biggest holiday of the year, we glaze over Thanksgiving! Certainly no one forgets to actually celebrate Thanksgiving (um, hello pie!), but there are plenty of cute crafts, tasty food, and fun projects that we can do in November to make the Thanksgiving celebration more than just the blip between Halloween and Christmas.

Since we are still in the beginning of November I thought I would share with you this fun little project you can make with your kids. My kids love any sort of countdown calendar, whether it’s an advent calendar, a birthday chain, or what have you. Anything that they can do each day to bring them closer to the holiday is a big hit.

This Thanksgiving countdown tree from The Letter 4 is a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving throughout November. Simply download the free printable tree, print it and then color or paint it. Then use colored construction paper and make little leaves for your tree. Number the leaves on one side and write something you are grateful for on the other. Stick the leaves on the tree, number side up, and you’ve got your Thanksgiving Countdown Tree!

I think it will be fun each night as we take down a leaf to have a discussion about the what was written on the leaf with my children. “Why is health something to be grateful for? What can we do to maintain our health? Who is someone in poor health that we can do something nice for?” Etc.

This will be a great way to keep an open dialogue all month long about all that we have to be grateful for!

Thanks for the great idea,  Tator Tots and Jello!

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  1. cute idea. i have always disliked how Thanksgiving gets missed too.
    i entered the willy wonka , planet earth and costume contests.

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