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Shopkick + Old Navy = Exclusive Savings and Rewards

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Guess what?! Shopkick is coming to Old Navy!

Shopkickers can now walk into any Old Navy store across the nation and earn kicks. PLUS you’ll get an exclusive $10 off $40+ purchase valid through 11/13.

Comment from Reader Anna on Facebook:
I love this program…yesterday I walked through the Old Navy doors and got 150 points automatically…then saved $10 off $40, got 3 jackets for $74 that would have cost $160 full price, then walked out with a coupon for $30 off $60 to use in the future…LOVE IT!!!! :)

Shopkick is just another way for you to stack savings. Lets take Old Navy for example, look at all the ways we have for you to shop and save at Old Navy.

If you haven’t heard about shopkick yet (where have you been?!)…

I’ll tell you more about it, why you want to have Shopkick on your phone and why you’re going to LOVE it.

  1. You rack up points by doing things like walking into participating stores or scanning items (like a scavenger hunt).
  2. You can redeem those points for INSTANT gift certificates.  No waiting 2 weeks or having to check your mail.  You seriously click on “redeem”, choose your store, and then show the cashier the code on your screen.  INSTANT rewards.  I don’t know anywhere else that does this!
  3. Coupons and exclusive savings.  They have Target ecoupons that you can STACK with manufacturer coupons.  They often offer exclusive coupons like 40% off any one item at American Eagle, or 10% off Wet Seal.  This is my goto app when I am shopping at the mall.  I open it up and it tells me which stores offer points for walking in and which stores I can get instant discounts at – I LOVE IT.

Shopkick offers rewards to a variety of stores like:

  • Crate&Barrel, Target, Sports Authority, Macy‘s, Best Buy, Toys R Us, American Eagle, Wet Seal, Petco, Payless, Office Depot, Kmart, Babies R Us, Lane Bryant, OfficeMax, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Bath & Body Works, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, Kohl’s, Aeropostale…do I really need to go on?!?!?

Even better, it doesn’t take long at all to earn rewards. Especially if your walking through the mall. Plus you are going to love the rewards you earn! My favorite are the itunes gift cards!

Plus! You can combine our great deals for other stores (Like Target $1 and under deals) with shopkick to save even more!

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  1. I recently download the app on my phone and love it, i walk thur the mall twice a week between classes and seriously rack up on points.

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