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{Review & Sweepstakes} The Littlest Angel on DVD (ends 11/22)

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The Littlest Angel Gets His Wings on DVD November 15
The Littlest Angel, the classic children’s story transformed with magic and laughter arrives on DVD today! This film is an adaptation of the fifteenth best-selling children’s book of all time, The Littlest Angel by Charles Tazewell.

Do you have a family movie night? We don’t really have a movie night in our house but we usually watch a movie during the day when its raining, too hot to be outside playing or just before nap time. I love movies, the kids love movies and its a good way to spend time together when I want them to wind down.

Recently we were sent a copy of The Littlest Angel to watch. Now there are a few tests to what makes a good movie for the family in my opinion: Age appropriate, entertaining, educational, engaging and something I can watch with the kids and also enjoy and last but not least, something they can and will watch over and over again. When I received the DVD in the mail, I wasn’t sure The Littlest Angel would make the cut.

Why? Well the box art is simple and fairly plain and there are no princesses in the movie. My daughter is currently obsessed with ballerinas and princesses. But I was wrong! From the time the movie started until the very end the kids were glued to the TV (engaging). Oh, did I mention I was too? We all curled up on the couch together and watched without interruption from beginning to end (entertaining). If you know much about young children, especially my two children, you know its not often you’ll watch a movie that will hold their attention span from beginning to end. But we didn’t just stare at the TV in silence, we talked about what was happening (educational). While I liked the humor most of the jokes were over the head of my children ages 1 and 3. (But it wasn’t inappropriate.)

The Littlest Angel is the tale of a little boy that goes to Heaven and finds himself missing home and the activities he enjoyed on earth. His boredom leads to mischief and he frequently finds himself in trouble with the headmaster, Alban. But he must complete his training at the Angel Academy, “where everyday feels like Sunday”, to earn his wings. However, he’s so distracted from being homesick and lonely that he fails miserably in his training. His attempt at singing doesn’t produce a heavenly voice and when he tries cloud fluffing his cloud transforms into a storm cloud. In telling the story the narrator says “the little angels must work the hardest at perfection” and Littlest just isn’t focused on working hard. Frustrated and eager to get this angel into shape, the Headmaster sends Littlest Angel to talk to the Angel of Peace, Eve.

Eve, tells Littlest that “Heaven is full of wonderful things” and he should be happy to be in heaven. But Littlest says he misses the sun, rain, trees to climb, brooks to fish, his swimming hole, and the feeling of thick mud between his toes (McKenzie giggled about the mud). He agrees Heaven is beautiful, but says if he could just have his special box of earthly treasures he could be an even better angel. However, angels aren’t allowed to return to Earth until they earn their wings and he hasn’t completed his training. He still must perform “three honest-to-goodness selfless good deeds” to earn his wings.

Impatient the Littlest Angel decides he has to find a way home to get his treasures before he can successfully complete his training at the Angel Academy. So he sets out to find a way home and runs into a dog named Halo (“Yes, indeed there are animals in heaven”) and they quickly become best friends. Halo and Littlest return to Earth and head towards his home to retrieve his box of treasures, but along the way they encounter some challenges. They are chased by a bull while trying to find Angel’s village, have trouble finding entry into his house without breaking any rules of being an Angel and are captured by Mr. and Mrs. Creepedeep (colorful characters). Both his run in with the bull and his capture present opportunities for Littlest to complete his good deeds.

While on Earth, God announces that he’s sending his son Jesus to earth to be the Saviour. Alban is upset that Littlest is missing and Heaven is busy preparing for the arrival of Jesus. Headmaster Alban and Logan the archangel are forced to visit Earth to rescue Littlest and Halo before the arrival of Jesus.

Alban and Logan return to Earth and free Littlest and Halo from the Creepedeeps (that’s fun to say, Creepedeep) and they all return to Heaven. After their return Littlest reveals his box of special treasures to Logan, Alban and Halo: there’s a rock from the river, a bird’s nest, a butterfly, an old kite string and the dog collar from his first best friend. The other angels are dumbfounded that Littlest calls this box of “old junk” as Alban calls it, “treasures,” even after Littlest tells the story of each treasure.

As the other Angels put their priceless gifts in a stack for baby Jesus, Littlest and Halo go looking for the perfect gift. They return empty handed except for the box of Littlest treasures. The Littlest Angel places his treasure box in the pile with the other gifts and says he thinks another little boy, Jesus, will enjoy it as much as he has. And with his gift he completed his third and final good deed needed to earn his wings as he “gave away his treasures to bring joy to another child.”

I loved this movie. I don’t recall being read this story from childhood, but I really enjoyed watching the movie. And I really enjoyed watching it with my children and seeing them learn lessons of friendship, human kindness and forgiveness along with the story of Jesus birth in a funny entertaining film. It’s simple and easy for the kids to understand, contains humor that adults will enjoy and teaches important life lessons: “honesty is the best policy”, “a friends looks out for a friend”, do the right thing, follow the rules, put others first, etc. And perfect timing on the release of this film as it gives me the chance to teach the kids what Christmas is really about!

What did the kids think? Well we’ve watched it five times in two days! This movie became such a quick hit with the kids that I’m adding it to my list for good gift ideas and we’ll look to add the book to our library as well.

“This is a story that has made so many people happy over the years,” says Lance Thompson, one of the producers of the film. “We’ve added some new elements to this production, but this is still The Littlest Angel everyone remembers from their childhood, and one that parents will enjoy introducing to their kids. I think Tazewell would enjoy knowing his work lives on.”

Download a fun Littlest Angel Activity Book.

For more information about The Littlest Angel on DVD, please visit:

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