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{Review & Giveaway} Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure on DVD (ends 11/18)

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Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

Available today, November 8, 2011 on DVD

Cast: John Cleese, Tom Arnold, Robert Picardo, Curtis Armstrong, Munro Chambers

Directed By: John Putch

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure Available on DVD Today Movie Synopsis

‘Tis the season to celebrate with everyone’s favorite St. Bernard, Beethoven, in an all-new, heartwarming holiday adventure where the hilarious canine speaks for the first time! When Henry the elf (Kyle Massey, TV’s That’s So Raven) flees the North Pole with Santa’s sleigh and his magical bag of toys, he crash-lands the precious cargo in a suburban neighborhood tree. But when the bag ends up in the wrong hands, it’s up to heroic Beethoven and his teenage pal, Mason (Munro Chambers, TV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation), to rescue Henry, fetch Santa’s toys and save Christmas for children everywhere. Featuring an all-star cast, including Tom Arnold as the voice of Beethoven,and John Cleese, Tom Arnold, Kyle Massey, Munro Chambers, Kim Rhodes, Robert Picardo, John O’Hurley, Curtis Armstrong. It’s a barking good time for the whole family!

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure Available on DVD Today DVD Bonus features include:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • Fun in the Snow: A Making of
  • Beethoven Goes Caroling
  • and more!

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure is the 6th in a long lasting series.  Can you believe the very first movie, Beethoven, came out almost 20 years ago in 1992?!?!?  (Wow – do I feel old!)  Over the years, there has been:

Which one is your family’s favorite?  I’m always a sucker for the first movie in the series, but I’ve got a surprise for you…in Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, Beethoven finally speaks!  Your kids will love it :)  How can you resist this sweet, large slobbering St. Bernard and his quest to save Christmas?

Whistler and I watched the movie together this morning and he was just glued to the TV.  He really got a kick out of the lost elf and of course, Beethoven.  (and I got a few good chuckles in there too!)  Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, I’m sure, will turn into a Christmas favorite in the years to come, for W :)

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure Available on DVD November 8  Is this movie on your Christmas Shopping list?  If so, be sure to grab your $3 off printable coupon (valid 11/8-12/31)

The Giveaway

Two (2) lucky Deals4Dummies readers will receive their very own copy of the new Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure DVD!

How do I enter?

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Leave a comment answering the question, “Which is your family’s favorite Beethoven movie and why?”


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