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Protect Your Small Business with Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security 2012

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This post brought to you by Norton Small Business by Symantec. All opinions are 100% mine.


NortonLogo_white.jpgWould you be surprised to learn that in a recent survey of small business owners, one in three said technology was one of their top business priorities ahead of reducing labor costs? I was surprised but then when you think about the impact technology has on a small business it makes a lot of sense. I personally know many small business owners, a lot of them moms that work from home, that would suffer a tremendous loss if their business was attacked.

It makes even more sense when you learn that almost six out of ten small business owners (59 percent) admitted to having experienced some sort of malware (malicious software on their computer) in the past three years, and half of them (51 percent) had to hire an expert to fix the problem. For most small business owners an interruption in service involving their computer or website is more than an inconvenience and can have lasting effects on the confidence of their customers.

Norton understands the importance of securing your small business. Not only have they developed products to make it easy to protect your hardware and software but they also make it affordable – get 30% off Norton Small Business Products now.

Probably a dozen times a year, sometimes more, sometimes less, I start receiving spam from a friend’s e-mail account. Most of the time when I give them a call, they’re completely unaware they’ve been hacked or their system is infected with a virus. And while the majority of them are able to restore their system without any long-term impact these were personal accounts on personal computers. Then I have other friends that run their own business but let their laptop, iPad and desktop be used by their children, until their security is compromised and they realize they didn’t have adequate protection. And all it took was one wrong click by their teenage son to cost them time, money and a lot of frustration. (This happened to a friend of ours shortly after they opened their own business. They were trying to save money and didn’t purchase anti-virus protection and their teenager opened an attachment that introduced malware to their computers)

Social networking and the increased use of mobile devices and online business have led to the increase in malware programs and even small businesses are targeted.

New Message-494I really can’t imagine running my own business and not being protected by a comprehensive program like Norton. During the course of an average day there are numerous new scams, viruses, trojans and various threats created to steal your personal information and gain access to your confidential files. They’re everywhere, on Facebook, Twitter, an e-mail, a photo, attachment from your CPA. Can you afford the downtime while you reach out to an expert to get you back up and running? Do you want to have to tell your customers their accounts have been compromised?

While we don’t run a small business, both my husband and I work on our computers on a daily basis, our jobs depend on them.  And we can’t nor do we want to take the risk of not being able to resolve the problem without packing up the hard drive and lugging it into the store to be examined.  Just last night we had an issue and thought our hard drive was going to crash, fortunately it didn’t. However, if it had and we were protected by Norton 360 then our files would have been backed up.

Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security 2012 just launched in September. PC Magazine raves about the improved performance, firewall security and easy to use back up system of Norton 360. Norton Internet Security 2012 received the PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award for standalone virus protection.

Did you know that while sitting on an airplane sending a last minute e-mail or working on a presentation, someone else can hack into your computer and copy your personal information? Or that someone can steal your wireless bandwidth and tap into your passwords and online banking account? It can happen without you even realizing it until the damage has been done and you’re feeling the impact. Norton 360 secures your user names and passwords, checks downloaded files for threats and prevents users from stealing your wireless bandwidth and accessing your files. And 360 lets you keep an eye on your children’s online activity.

Don’t know which product best suits your personal or small business needs, visit Norton Small Business by Symantec and let them help you choose the right level of protection. Please take a look and let us know which one you think would work best for you and why.

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