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Today, I Need Your Support! Please vote for me in the @cheapsally #bringhomethebacon contest!

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YOUR VOTES COUNT DOUBLE TODAY (Black Friday) – Please just take a second to click here and then click on vote – thats it!!

*ROUND 2* I need to make sure I get and stay in the #1 spot for California to make it to Round 3.  Please help!

Hi everyone! As you all know, I’ve been blogging about deals and saving money for almost 2 years now (wow, has it been that long?) and hopefully the reason why I have over 30,000 Facebook fans is because I’m doing something right. That is, I’m helping YOU stretch your budgets in an easy, no mess/stress way and showing you that you can shop for much much less than you ever thought you could, right?

I’ve made it my job to make “extreme coupon” (<— hah!) shopping at your local grocery and pharmacy stores as easy as possible for you you by posting detailed coupon matchups and sales. I know I can brag that I *never* pay more than $0.25 for brand name bathroom items like shampoo & conditioner, lotion, body wash, soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, razors – you name it! (and I know that you guys can brag the same thing too if you’ve been following me!!!) This alone has saved me HUNDREDS of dollars – that I can spend elsewhere!

So what’s this little note all about? Well, Cheap Sally is having a contest to win a job blogging for them next year that will pay $100,000!!! Now don’t worry, if I win, nothing will change with *MY* blog here and you’ll still get all the great deals from me. I just won’t be as STRESSED and if anything, it will give me MORE free time to find MORE deals for you?

I actually had to make a video as part of the entry for this contest and while I *hated* doing it, it really wasn’t all that bad. I *might* even start doing some “How To” videos for you guys (what do you think?)

Sound good? Ok then! Please help me win (I know we can do it!!) by:

  1. VOTE FOR ME. It’s crazy easy – just click on the Cheap Sally badge below to go to my profile page. Now click on that cute heart shaped vote button. That’s it! (You could also click on the FB Like and Tweet button too to share it with your friends – <3) Contest for extreme coupon users and discount finders!

And for those of you that *really* love me, if you could PLEASE post this little message on your Facebook Page or Tweet it out – that would be AWESOME!!!

  • Please vote (it’s easy – just a click!) for @deals4dummies in the @cheapsally #bringhomethebacon contest!

Pretty please for the love of kittens and cake pops, I really need you guys to do this once a day, every day! (So I’ll probably pester you about it :))

PS – If you have a blog and will write a blog post asking your readers to vote for me, I will give you 1 month of free advertising on my site (125×125 button!)

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  1. Maybe if you answer my question I’ve asked a couple different times ;)

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