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Hot Hasbro Toys for the Holidays 2011

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Before it’s time to “talk turkey”, it’s time to talk about hot toys for the 2011 holidays! Usually, the hottest toys of the season are gone before all the Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten. So let’s take a look at some of this holiday season’s hottest toys from Hasbro!

Hot Hasbro Toys for the Holidays Hot Hasbro Toys For the Holidays
First up is by far one of Whistler’s favorite toys this year!  “One…Two…Three…Om nom nom!” Sesame Street’s Count and Crunch Cookie Monster Plush counts out loud and gobbles up the cookies as your little one feeds him. Kids retrieve the cookies from his backpack and feed the hungry monster all over again. Whistler probably spent 2-3 hours just putting the cookies into his mouth and was just absolutely delighted to find them waiting for him in the backpack every time.

When Cookie Monster gets full and has all three cookies in his pack, he says “Maybe more cookies in backpack?” And he’ll also say “thank you.” When you press his foot you’ll find he’s also ticklish and reacts by giggling and squirming. When not in use the cookies can be stored in Cookie Monster’s backpack. Count, sing and laugh with Sesame Street’s Count and Crunch Cookie Monster. Manufacturer’s recommended age is 18 months to four years and requires four “AA” batteries which are included. Retail $29.99.
Hot Hasbro Toys for the Holidays Have a future “American Idol” on your hands? You might be interested in the Voice Rockrz Microphone. More of a secret weapon than a microphone – this mic uses the included accessories: ring and bracelet to “magically” transforms your child’s voice. Need help hitting a high note? A tap of the ring to the mic activates the Hi-Note voice effect, or tap the bracelet and use the Echo-tastic voice effect; or tap the ring and bracelet in succession to enable the Robot-Riffic voice effect. The kids will have fun belting out their favorite songs solo or they can plug into the MP3 player and sing along with their own playlist.

At first I thought this toy was “too old” for my 2 year old.  Boy was I wrong!!!  He loved it immediately and had a lot of fun not only talking and singing into it himself, but carrying it around to everyone else’s mouths too.  You can create your own supportive audience with the cheer sound effect or have fun with the drum roll effect! Rock out in pink with flower ring and skull bracelet or the blue with skull ring and zipper.  If I had to make an improvement on this item, I would request that a volume knob be available.  Currently it is only ON or OFF and it can be fairly loud. Voice Rockrz Microphone is available at Amazon.
Hot Hasbro Toys For the Holidays
For the adventure loving, little man on your list there’s Tonka’s Chuck and Friends Race Along Chuck. Watch the kids run off some of their boundless energy as Chuck exclaims, “Catch me if you can!”, and the games begin.

Chuck is fun and talkative, with over 50 phrases and sounds this energetic truck will play six different racing games. I like that he says so many different phrases – its rare that I hear the same one over again!  Kids can fill and empty his dump bed or press his cab lights to watch him do wheelies and go “vroom vroom.” Your children can watch Chuck race, chase Chuck down, deliver his loads or show off his tricks. The energetic dump truck is designed to interact and engage your child with games, sounds and lights. Once again, my only request would be a volume switch on this guy!  Buy Tonka’s Chuck and Friends Race Along Chuck on Amazon.
Hot Hasbro Toys for the Holidays

Have a small child that’s in a hurry to grow up and play with the big toys? Playskool Heroes come to the rescue! The new Playskool Heroes are designed especially for the little one who want all the fun & adventure of big kid action figures. The figures, vehicles and play-sets have simple features easy for preschoolers to control and master. You can choose iconic heroes from Transformers or the Marvel universe. We received the Transformers Rescue Bot Optimus Prime for Whistler. Although he isn’t able to “transform” him on his own (he’s a bit too young), he loves playing with him as any young boy would!  He says “robot robot” and “vroom vroom” with him.  It is actually the perfect toy to keep in the car for shopping trips. Playskool Heroes can be found on Amazon.
Hot Hasbro Toys for the Holidays Preschoolers will love rockin’ with Sesame Street’s Let’s Rock Elmo & Cookie Monster Keyboard. Now I’m new to this whole “mommy” thing, but even I knew that Elmo was a gigantic hit every year with the kids for Christmas – before I became a mom. I’m sure it won’t be any different this year!  This seems like the gift you can’t possibly go wrong with.  Elmo magically interacts with his tambourine and drum set (included) or his keyboard and guitar (sold separately). Jam out with Elmo to the Alphabet Song or one of the other six songs. Both Sesame Street’s Let’s Rock Elmo and Sesame Street’s Let’s Rock Cookie Monster Keyboard can be found at Amazon.
Thank you to Hasbro for providing some of the above mentioned products to facilitate this post.  No compensation was received and all opinions are 100% original.

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