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@Disney The Muppets Saga: Are You Team Vamphibian or Team WereRowlf?

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The Muppets Saga

Breaking news…

The Muppets long awaited return to Hollywood has experienced a transformation.  Instead of seeing the funny, entertaining Muppets you remember from the good old days, you’ll see a darker side of Miss Piggy as Bella Swine, Kermit as Vamphibian and Rowlf as Wererowlf in…the Muppet Saga.

ALERT: The Muppets movie we were previously promised to later this month, has been destroyed by the Volturi and is in pieces on the production room floor!  (I guess everyone really has been bitten by a vampire or werewolf).

The new question is, Are you Team Vamphibian or Team WereRowlf?

Just imagine if the Twilight saga was made over and converted from a teen/tween hit to a kid friendly drama with Kermit taking the place of Robert Pattinson, Miss Piggy starring for Kristen Stewart and Rowlf replacing Taylor Lautner.

Do a frog, pig and dog have the same sex appeal?

Is this the love story Miss Piggy has been dreaming and scheming about for years?

The Muppets Saga Rumor has it, Miss Piggy is behind the transformation (you know she’ll do anything to win the heart of Kermit!). And as Bella Swine from Breaking Dawn, she’d be married to the Vamphibian and enjoying her honeymoon.

The Muppets Saga But is it possible that Rowlf wants to steal Miss Piggy from Kermit? If he were a WereRowlf, he’d certainly have a better chances at winning the heart of Bella Swine and defeating the Vamphibian.


Alright – not really.  The folks at Disney are just continuing to have fun with some creative marketing tactics by creating movie posters with Kermit, Miss Piggy and Rowlf as characters from the Twilight Saga. (Note: no Muppets were harmed in the making of this spoof.)

We’re less than two weeks away from the premiere of the The Muppets in theaters nationwide on November 23. And the more previews, trailers and marketing I see the more excited I become to see this movie and share one of my childhood loves with my children.

How about you?  What has been your favorite spoof trailer thus far?


With secret, signature, celebrity cameos, Disney’s THE MUPPETS opens in theaters everywhere on November 23rd.

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  1. haven’t seen any other trailers yet, but love the Muppets!

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