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*CONFIRMED* NoMoreRack INSANITY Deals: Get an iPad for $43.20 or Sony PS3 for $26.54!

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NoMoreRack (one of my FAVORITE daily deal sites) has announced a very special new promotion that EVERYONE will want to get in on.  Over 1,000 Insanity Deals will go live every month and will appear at any time; it could be spread out over the entire month, or happen all in one day. The only way to find them is to check the site often.

There will be deals like:

  • iPad for $43.20
  • Kindle for $15.87
  • Sony PS3 for $26.54
  • 52” Sony Bravia LCD HDTV for $59.96

First of all, let me say that this company is in fact very reputable. I have been using/ordering stuff from them for over a year now. Their super easy refer-a-friend program is 100% legitimate and it is in fact, how I earned both an iPod Nano and iPod Video last year for Christmas for absolutely FREE without having to purchase a thing and NO ONE ELSE hd to purchase anything either! All it takes is an email address – thats all. And yes – you can still do this this year too – go here to get started.

But of course this new promo seems too good to be true. So I have a personal email to share with you to set the record straight. According to NoMoreRack representative Shauna:

Hi Renee,

Of course I would love to clarify exactly what Insanity Deals are.
Perhaps, our support team was not 100% up to speed (we move so fast).
Basically at some point last month, we decided we wanted to have “door
crashing” insanity deals. The name comes from “Insane prices”. The
quantities of these items are extremely limited (only 1000 sold a
month) and are introduced completely randomly. We lose money on these
deals, but do it because we believe the 1,000 customers that do
receive these insanity deals will become “Brand ambassadors” of ours.

How it works : Randomly through out the month, at any point of the
day, we will introduce the deal. Customers will see it by spotting a
purple box that says “Insanity Deal” and when they click on it. They
can buy the item (But it will go super fast).

Let me know if this helps clarify the process. Always here to help!

Thanks, The Daily Goodie Bag for sharing this email from Shauna!

When this promotion was first released a couple days ago, people were suspicious and said that the prices listed were salting auction bids.  As you can see from this email, THAT IS NOT THE CASE.  These will be actual flat rate prices with very limited quantities available for purchase at a out-of-the blue time.

The easiest way to make sure you don’t miss out on these smoking hot deals

Since these will essentially be “flash” deals and you’ll have very limited time to be lucky enough to grab one, I highly recommend that you set yourself up now so you’ll be as ready as can be.

  1. Join NoMoreRack RIGHT NOW!
  2. Confirm your email by clicking on the link that is sent to you.
  3. Login to your new account and goto “My Account” and “Redeem a Gift Card”
  4. Enter code P1070 for a $10 off $20 purchase credit.

You’re now ready to nab a great deal AND save $10 if it’s over $20. :)  Good luck everyone and I’ll be sure to let you know if I happen across one of these flash deals.  I hope you guys will let me know too!

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  1. When did you get it? What time and day?

  2. Terri, I don’t think you have to refresh the screen – they will just pop up. At least that is how they have shown up for me!

  3. Terri Meyer says:

    Help!! I have bought several things from NOMORERACK they were awesome quality. My question is on the insanity deals if I watch the screen for them should I keeo refreshing the screen or will they show up as an auto populated item, I have seen 10 so far but not sure how to do this. I have been hitting refresh over and over and i think i am missing them that way but i am afraid to just sit there looking at screen and wait for it to pop up. What should I do?

  4. Fran Wright says:

    Great site! I found a pair of black boots at around 70 percent off the retail price! I heard about this site on Martha Stewart’s show and I”m amazed at the daily deals they can offer. You have to act quickly though, items only last so long.

  5. Fran Wright says:

    I love this website! The deals are amazing! I found a pair of black designer boots for almost 70 percent off the retail price! You have to act quickly, though or you miss out on the daily deal.

  6. Thats a great deal – didn’t realize you can get electronics at nomorerack – mu hubby wants a 42 inch lcd/hd tv –

  7. these promotions last only a short time – you have to act quick

  8. I got an insanilty deal on a new Ipad 3g – you have to act quick on these deals , they run out quick.

  9. The insanity deals at is worth it. they run out fast. I found an IPAD for $43.00

  10. The $10 credit can NOT be used on the insanity deals. They are still however AWESOME deals.

  11. From what I understand, this is an ongoing promotion. It has already started (they posted the Kindle just a couple hours ago!) You should log onto your account and then click on the link that says “Insanity Deals” towards the top left of the page. It has a lot of Q and As there :)

  12. Sara Kershaw says:

    A couple of questions, as I am determined to catch these deals. Does this happen repeatedly every month? If so, is it with the same items? Or is it just this month? Has this started already, or will it start in December? Is there a way to save your credit card information on the site so you will be able to check out faster and therefore have a higher likelihood of getting the deal before it closes?
    Sorry for the parade of questions, I’m just super excited about the idea of giving my husband a surprise he never would expect in a million years!

  13. Sara Kershaw says:

    This IS insanity. My husband has been wishing for a 50 inch TV for two years, and we’ve been saving our swagbucks amazon cards $5 at a time to get one. How amazing it would be to get it this way and then also suddenly have all those gift cards for the Christmas season!!

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