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{2011 Holiday Gift Guide} Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen

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Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen Review

My little girl, McKenzie loves cupcakes! Loves them! When I asked her what she wanted to do on her birthday she replied “Well, I think I want to make some cupcakes.” I thought her answer was hilarious because at the time we were making her birthday cake together. Have you ever met a child that doesn’t love cupcakes? You won’t in our house.

So we were very excited to receive a Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen to test drive! When the UPS driver delivered our cupcake kitchen my daughter’s eyes lit up and she started dancing. But I disappointed her when I told her we were going to wait until Daddy got home to help with assembly (putting anything together myself usually ends in disaster!) Of course I felt like a total idiot later when my husband opened the box, we pulled out the parts, got our tools ready: hammer and screwdriver, and assembled it in 15 minutes. The assembly was so easy a 10 year old that knows how to properly use a hammer and screwdriver could probably do it themselves.

Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen Review The kitchen itself is small( 24 x 11 x 33.5 inches) and doesn’t take up a lot of space, which is great since our house is small and already cluttered. And even though its small and compact and easily fits up against the wall, it has enough room for my son and daughter to play together. But if we have company coming over and I need extra space I can also put it in the closet! It has a working drawer, an over door that opens and easily stores the cupcakes when not in use, one burner with sound effects (no batteries required), a sink and lots of storage. There are four cupcakes that fit neatly in the cupcake tray, 2 plates, 2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 knives, 2 sprinkle shakers, a spatula and a pot with lid.

I love the fact that there aren’t any small parts for my son, 15 month old to choke on or get lost. Its small and lightweight and can easily be moved from room to room or even fit into our car and go to Grandma’s house (she doesn’t have any toys for the kids to play with)! We’re planning on taking it to the family’s Thanksgiving celebration this week to keep the kids entertained. My daughter has been making us pretend cupcakes and serving them with coffee and my son loves to turn the stove knob and hear the clicking noise!

Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen Review The only thing I’d change are the sprinkle containers, I think kids would enjoy it more if they made a sound when shaken as if they contained sprinkles and it would be even neater if they were clear and had pretend colored sprinkles inside that would move around when shaken!

I have to say Little Tikes makes some of the best toys for children. They are durable, innovative and allow for tons of safe creative, imaginative play! We currently own the Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop, blue and white shopping cart with food and now the new Cupcake Kitchen. Both the workshop and shopping cart have survived hours of play with my children and their friends and still look new! I’d love to get my son the classic pick-up truck for Christmas this year! But in the meantime I know we’ll be eating lots of cupcakes prepared by the kids in their new cupcake kitchen and the best part is they won’t affect my waistline.

The Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen is available at all retailers that carry Little Tikes and at Manufacturers recommended age 2-5 years.

Thank you to Little Tikes for providing product to facilitate this review.  No additional compensation was received and as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% original.

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  1. I was very excited to the read the review for the little tikes kitchen. My daughter is 2 1/2 and wanting a kitchen for Christmas. I have had to pull her out of many stores kicking and screaming because she does not want to leave the play kitchens. I am expecting a little one next year and I found most useful in this article that the kitchen did not have any small parts.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. I liked the review. The kitchen is durable and allows kids creative play. My son would love this!

  3. I shared on FB
    Dana J Valle

  4. This would be perfect for my 17 month old daughter. She is really getting into the pretend play now and loves making pretend she is eating and drinking. The size of the cupcake kitchen is amazing….right now we reside in a two bedroom apartment and most of it is overrun with toys. So seeing as this is a compact toys and all of the pieces can be stored right inside it this would be a perfect fit for our family. I also love the “no batteries” as well….I just love not having to change batteries…therems nothing worse then a toy with dead batteries and you toddler crying because their toy is no longer working.
    I would definitely look into purchasing this Little Tikes toy…especially knowing their reputation and the quality product they have.

  5. Kristin great review I found it very helpful to know that it is pretty much a great little maker in case santa is able to put it under the tree! my 3 yr old son and I were just looking at this today online he said mommy cupcakes are so good and I cam make them for Nick and Halie his brother and sister and my friends I said that would really nice so I said you will have to see what santa brings you !! So I know he would so enjoying having fun making his own make believe cupcakes :)

  6. This does look so neat! I think the most useful thing that I got out of this review is that it is EASY ASSEMBLY! That is very important in this household…. I think I can do whatever a 10 year old can do!

  7. So adorable! I’ve actually been looking for something like this for my daughter and this is by far the cutest one and appears to be very durable! I love that you can store the accessories inside, less chance of them getting lost. If I don’t win I might have to just go buy one! :)

  8. Kathy Kraus says:

    I absolutely love everything Little Tikes. Since I was a little girl, they have made things kids love. I tope I win it. hi its awsome and I h

  9. Melissa Allison says:

    I love to know that it is small and portable, as we are tight on space, too! My daughter loves to pretend to cook, so this would a perfect Christmas gift…that didn’t take up too much space!

  10. love that you told the size and that it’s big enough for your daughter and son to play side by side. My daughter would LOVE this!

  11. Pat Engle says:

    Hey Kristen
    I found all of your information most helpful I was worried about the small pieces but as you said there are none to worry about. I am sure my grand-daughter would love this. Thanks for the chance to try.

  12. It is so good to know that the assembly was so easy and quick. Some toys are a nightmare just getting them assembled or even out of the box anymore! Love that there is a lot of storage for all the pieces. That is definitely a plus and what parent wouldn’t be thrilled to not have to worry about keeping those battery drawers stocked for yet another item in the house! Sound like a great play set and I know my three girls would absolutely live it!

  13. I liked all the info about the size of the kitchen and size of the pieces that go with it. I’m wanting to get this for my grandaughter. : )

  14. Thanks for the detailed review. I especially like that you spell out so many details on the items it includes and called out that lack of small pieces. That is crucial when you have younger ones in the house who still have choking hazard issues. I also like the description of the size–being able to stow it away easily as I like to change up my toys often, keeping them interested int eh changing variety. This is a definite consideration for purchase!

  15. Nicole Riley says:

    I love the fact that its light weight and doesn’t take up alot of room. With 4 kids and all their stuff, I don’t think there would be alot of room lol. My 2 y/o twins LOVE to play with their kitchen set. This would be an awesome addition! Thanks for the review, it makes it easier when deciding what to get the twins when I have read reviews!

  16. I liked your suggestion about the sprinkle containers. Kind of like the baby bottles that come with fills. The liquid moves around in the bottle as you move it.

  17. Audrey harrison says:

    I came across this kitchen set as a possible gift for my niece for her birthday. She is the baby of 5 and is the only girl, so I was looking for something that was geared more for her age and something that she can play with for a few years to come.. I love that you said your 15 month old has nothing to choke on or lose. That is key for what I am interested in. I know my sister won’t have to worry that she may choke on a piece. She is such a girly girl and I think that this would be amazing for her to “be like mommy!”

  18. christine jessamine says:

    what I found most usefull is the size of this item( 24 x 11 x 33.5 inches) . this would be great for my daughters room

  19. Thanks for the info! i love that there is no small parts so I wouldn’t have to worry about my nephew sticking them in his mouth! lol Also that it’s small and light enough to be moved from room to room or even house to house. Thank you for the chance to win this! =]

  20. i really liked your review and found it helpful. i like that it has no small parts and no batteries. thank you for sharing and the chance to win one!

  21. What I love about this review the most is the durability. My son destroys everything and buying toys that last a month are not what we can really afford. Also hearing that it fits in your car is great since we are always on the go and hate leaving behind toys that he loves because they are just too bulky for the car. I loved the review. I think it covered everything that was important. Assembly, size, fun, and durability.

  22. Brea conner says:

    This is sooo cute and so perfect for my 1 and a half month old neice! I love to bake and she is very attached to me so she will sit with me in the kitchen, watch me back and always want to help! For gods sake my little baby knows how to use a piping bag lol. What I found most useful with this review is the fact that you told us their is no small pieces, that reassures me that it will be okay for my niece. I also like that you told us it is not hard to assemble, I hate getting toys that are almost impossible to assemble! Thanks again for the review!!! :D

  23. My2 yr old daughter is starting to play cook like mommy. However, we don’t have a whole lot of room in our house either. It was nice to see that you can easily move it if the occasion calls for it.

  24. Shannon Thompson says:

    im glad to know it is easy to put together and that it is compact enough to fit into the closet.. i love this kitchen both my kids love playing make cupcakes so this kitchen would be perfect for them =)


  25. After reading the review I have no doubt that my daughter will love this. I like the part where it states there are no small parts that a little one could choke on. I look forward to spending countless hours of fun with this.

    Mary Ann

  26. Patricia Engle says:


  27. Hey Kristin, I loved the info! Easy assembly, stores easily, no batteries required (how awesome is that). However the part I found most useful was the reassurance of large accessories friendly towards yournger siblings. I have been searching and searching for a reasonably priced play kitchen because that has been the main thing requested from santa this year! would love to suprise my two girls with this.

  28. I am very sad to hear that the shakers don’t make noise! I wonder if there is a way to change that, say by putting pennies or aquarium rocks inside them. You would have to superglue the lids shut after putting the small objects in so it would still be safe for the younger ones. I wish the cupcakes were scented, too. I am happy to read about how portable and space efficient it is, and that it comes with so many accessories. Definitely gives it better street cred when the review of a product is done by a parent/child duo. Overall, it seems like a great toy that will hold a child’s interest for hours at a time, and many months after the novelty has worn off. I know my son and my sister’s daughter would have a blast playing together with something like this.

  29. Lisa wilgus says:

    This is so cute and awesome! All kids love play kitchens even boys. My step kids are a lil to old for this but I have a god daughter who would love it and this would make a great christmas gift!!

  30. This kitchen is awesome love your review and I think my kids will love to make cupcakes my son loves them lol

  31. I REALLY would love this!! My 2 year old son has a mind of his own. While he is a boy he loves to play “cooking.” As his mom I have no problems with him liking girly things. Whatever floats his boat! Please help bring a giant smile to my little guys face.

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