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{Reader Gift} I’m Giving Everyone a FREE $25 GC to!

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Yep – go out and have dinner on me. Well, me and Shopkick, that is.

I’m so so so pleased to announce that Shopkick and I, well, we’re in a relationship now. And to celebrate, we want to give you, my lovely readers, a FREE GIFT. A $25 Gift Certificate to

What do you have to do to get your gift? Well, you have to send us a present, your first born child and a lock of your hair.


Nah – I’m kidding. (it’s late)

All you have to do is download and install the free app on your iPhone or Android. Then the next time you’re out and about, just open it up and see what store near you is giving out “walk in” points. Pick one, walk in and open the app.  TADA you’ll receive your free gift through the app!

See? Completely free and EASY. (you’re welcome)

What is Shopkick?

So let me tell you a little more about why you want to have Shopkick on your phone and why you’re going to LOVE it.

  1. You rack up points by doing things like walking into participating stores or scanning items (like a scavenger hunt).
  2. You can redeem those points for INSTANT gift certificates.  No waiting 2 weeks or having to check your mail.  You seriously click on “redeem”, choose your store, and then show the cashier the code on your screen.  INSTANT rewards.  I don’t know anywhere else that does this!
  3. Coupons and exclusive savings.  They have Target ecoupons that you can STACK with manufacturer coupons.  They often offer exclusive coupons like 40% off any one item at American Eagle, or 10% off Wet Seal.  This is my goto app when I am shopping at the mall.  I open it up and it tells me which stores offer points for walking in and which stores I can get instant discounts at – I LOVE IT.

But wait, I know you’re thinking that you’ll never use it because you live in Timbuktu and it probably only has a handful of stores that participate.  WRONG!

  • Crate&Barrel, Target, Sports Authority, Macy’s, Best Buy, Toys R Us, American Eagle, Wet Seal, Petco, Payless, Office Depot, Kmart, Babies R Us, Lane Bryant, OfficeMax, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Bath & Body Works, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, Kohl’s, Aeropostale…do I really need to go on?!?!?

Now you’re thinking – I’ll won’t like the rewards and it’ll take me forever to earn one.  WRONG AGAIN!

  • You can get instant gift certificates to: Best Buy, Target, American Eagle, Sports Authority, Arden B, Wet Seal and Toys R Us
  • You can also redeem for a movie ticket, a gas card, iTunes Gift Card, Macy’s Gift Card, Hotel Cash Card and even Facebook Credits!

As far as earning points goes, you can begin redeeming for instant gift cards at just 500 kicks = $2.

You get anywhere from 35 – 200 kicks for walking into stores.  So, if you were at say a MALL that had a bunch of participating stores in it, you could easily earn that in about an hour!

If you’re a Target shopper, you go there all the time anyway (with my Under $1 deal lists, right?) – why not earn points each time you walk in and make a little extra spending money to pay for those trips?!?!?

And remember, it’s all FREE!

Ok – accept your Free $25 Gift Certificate to already!

(and don’t say I never gave you a Christmas present :))

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  1. Haha – thanks Cee. I’m happy to have earned you as a reader :)

  2. I don’t have a Smartphone. :( Just a plain old cell phone. Is there any way I can get in on this offer? If not, I understand and thank you for all you do to help me save money!!

  3. Not going to download it but I wanted to say the way you write is by far the best I have seen. Definitely interesting and will bring me back again.

  4. This offer is valid for new Shopkick registrations thru the special link in the post.

  5. Yes, I have used Shopkick on my iPad :)

  6. Sorry Kelley, this is only for new Shopkick registrations :(

  7. Yes!

  8. Mabel Yeung says:

    i downloaded and tried it at a nearby Jamba Juice, but couldn’t find that electronic coupon… kinda disappointed.

  9. Thanks will have,to make a trip to target then :)

  10. new to shopkick, so what do i do to get the gc? i just go into target and open up the target store (its set as one of my favs?) like i said…still new to shopkick !! help!!!

  11. What if we already have shopkick?

  12. angela calavicci says:

    I have a tracfone and am more than happy with it and have been for years, I pay $20 like every 2-3 months. And then I learned of shopkick. Now I want one of those fancy phones! Do you know if shopkick will work on tablets? That is more doable to me because there is no subscription costs with those.

  13. Natalie schmitter says:

    Oh oh, can’t wait till tomorrow to use it, dada’s got the car today. :(


    i already have shop kick downloaded and am on level 5… how do i get the gc???

  15. Aw – bummer :) Well when you do get one, you’ll what what to do first! :)

  16. Hi Jasvir, you have to complete your first walk-in to get the certificate!

  17. I just downloaded app this is so fab I love it already. No free $25 for yet

  18. Blah I was super excited about this when I saw the tweet. Sucks for those of use who don’t currently have cell phones. :(

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