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Personal Days = Mental Health Days

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For those who work outside the home, you get personal days, sick days, vacation days, holidays… What do Moms & Dads get?? Sick days! Oh, wait, that’s right. Sick days for parents are the days you are busy taking care of a sick child or having to go on business as usual while you are sick and should probably be quarantined! Vacation days are full of spending outrageous amounts of time and money to make sure your children are having a good time. Holidays, again, time and money for your childs happiness!

I keep hearing parents say they can’t go out and do grown up things because they’d feel guilty. After all that you do for your child, why do you feel guilty for wanting a few hours to yourself?

Personal days, ah yes… this is what I’m talking about!! Personal Days are Mental Health Days for parents!

You signed on to be a parent, to love and protect your child until the end of the world. You never once said you would give up being human.

You deserve the right to wear clothes not covered in spit up.

You deserve to hold a conversation that does not involve Dora or Diego.

You deserve to sing songs not performed by The Wiggles.

You deserve to eat food other than PB&J and Cheerios.

You & your child are much better off taking a time out from each other. Don’t they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder? I’m not saying take a month long trip to some deserted island. {You know what? That doesn’t sound half bad! Sign me up for that one!!} Sorry, back to reality. Taking an afternoon to get your hair and nails done and have a nice lunch is perfectly acceptable! Getting a sitter and going out dancing with friends one night, why not?? Here is a really crazy idea!! A date night with your significant other!! Imagine spending time with the one you love like you did before you had sticky little noise boxes running around your feet at all times! Just because you are Mommy & Daddy, that doesn’t mean you are no longer a married couple in love! (or whatever your relationship status is!!) The point is, you do not owe your every second of every day to your child! One day they’ll ditch you to go out with their friends, the door can swing both ways! You gave them their life, you didn’t give them yours!

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  1. Love this! I sooooo need me time away from the tribe and chief!

  2. Marie Lucas says:

    Well said! But easier said than done… :)

  3. Totally true! I think it’s healthy for parents to take a little time for themselves now and then….necessary too. And especially to nurish their own relationship with eachother, have an uninterupted conversation or *gasp* some romance :) thanks for the reminder. I know that I’m a better mommy when I take a few moments to myself (the month long deserted island sounds good too) and it’s good for my kids too. They learn to interact with other people and sometimes I think they have just as much fun as we do when we get home and the sitter has played games and catered to their every whim.

  4. jenniffer rosier-lasley says:

    Wow! This is cool! I could always use a mental health day! Just wish I could have them & afford them!!

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