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{Mimzy Mondays} Lighten that Laundry Load!

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Do NOT have children until you know how much laundry you want to do!

It is amazing sometimes how much laundry one small child can generate. As an infant they pee, poop and puke on everything! As a toddler, they are messy! Food and boogers everywhere! School age can we say dirt, dirt and more dirt??? Teenagers, well, they seem to think clothes make great carpet for their rooms. They never put them away; you can’t tell which are clean and which are dirty. Girls are the worst! They change their outfit 12 times a day and that’s before they ever even get out of the house! (They change again at school into clothes they smuggled out or their friends brought in for them because you are so un-cool you won’t let them wear it even though EVERY other girls mom lets them!! No, don’t worry; you are not the only mom. All the other moms say no too but like your daughter, they smuggle!)

Laundry is a non-stop ordeal. How many of you have actually gone to put clothes into the wash that were still folded from when you washed them last week???

You won’t decide not to have children just because there will be extra laundry. Here are my best suggestions on how to avoid the laundry turmoil now that you have a landslide of laundry taking over your home.

  1. Even a toddler can “help” with laundry. Use it as a teaching moment. Color and size matching for socks!! Confess, you didn’t want to match those socks yourself anyway!
  2. Pre-school children are not too young to help you put their clothes away. After they have matched the socks of course! They can also help fold wash cloths and other easy things!
  3. School age kids need to learn responsibility and how to help be a productive member of the family. Teach them how to fold their own laundry and put it away! Don’t worry if its not folded perfect. Praise their efforts. If they don’t match their socks, they can wear them unmatched! Have them help with the towels and things. They are members of the family and use them too!

By the time they have reached teenage years, they need to be doing their own laundry! You are trying to teach them to be adults. As adults they will need to know life skills to survive in the world. If laundry isn’t a life skill, I don’t know what is. They surely won’t be able to hold down a job if they go to work in dirty, stinky, smelly clothes. Plain and simple, if they are responsible for doing their own laundry, they can’t complain to you that they have nothing to wear. If they didn’t wash the clothes, I guess they’ll have to wear them dirty! Face it, they want to impress their peers, they’ll start washing their clothes. I’m not saying they’ll fold them or put them away but, hey, that’s not your problem. They wouldn’t put them away if you washed them either. This way you get one chore taken off your list and get to take back some time for yourself!

Seriously, if you want to raise an adult, you need to start as a child with life skills. Schools don’t teach things like that (no matter how much I believe they should!) In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue… That’s great but, who did his laundry? Was his mom there to do it for him? I doubt it!!!

Mimzy Mondays is a weekly guest post series by Mimzy Wimzy.  Surviving life with 3 teenagers isn’t always sugary sweet!
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