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iTunes Freebie Roundup! 2/12/11

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So I earned a free iPod Touch from NoMoreRack (See how I did here) back in January and I have been ADDICTED ever since.  It’s awesome because my dad and sister both have the new iPhone 4 and with the new Touch, you can Facetime over wi-fi!  This makes it so easy for them to video chat with Whistler whenever they want (as long as we are home near a wi-fi connection, that is).

I’ve also been playing all sorts of games in my “down time” (what’s that?)..meaning when Whistler passes out on me for his nap and I “can’t move” until he wakes up :)  It’s in my nature to only play the free games (and all avoid doing any of the pay for more goodies within the free games)…but did you know that every day apps in the iTunes store rotate and become FREE for a limited time?

That’s right, I’ve downloaded $4.99 apps for FREE just because I happened to run across them on the right freebie day. They also have lots of other freebies like shows too!

Since I know many of you also have iPhones and iPod Touches, I thought I’d try to make sure you guys stay in the loop of what is free too!

At any given time, you can check and see what the Top free apps on the App Store are. I check this regularly, because it does change daily. It’s also a great “hint” as to what is the new freebie of the day.

Today’s Free Game of the Day is:

Super Mega Worm

PSSSTTTT!!! I’m always looking for “friends” on the games I play. I’d love for you to be my neighbor or buddy on any of these games (they are all free).

Smurfs’ Village

Lil Pirates

Tap Zoo

Pocket Frogs

Tiny Chef

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